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Corsair K70 RGB PRO release date, specs, pricing, and more

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When it comes to gaming keyboards, there are almost limitless options these days, but there are a few names we see crop up over and over. Razer, ASUS ROG, and of course, Corsair. The Corsair K70 RGB Pro is the latest jewel in the peripheral giant’s crown. Being the successor to the Corsair K70 RGB Mk. 2, this new board has a lot to live up to, we’ll be getting our hands on it as soon as we can but in the meantime, here’s what you need to know.

Corsair K70 RGB PRO release date

The Corsair K70 RGB PRO has gone live on Corsair’s US website today, and there’s a pre-order button, but you won’t get your hands on it for one to two weeks annoyingly. It’ll be available for purchase from Best Buy on February 13 with other North American retailers following soon after. Given the popularity of Corsair’s previous Mechanical gaming keyboards, we fully expect this to be a big seller so you might want to get a trickle on if you’re keen to get this all-new board.

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Corsair K70 RGB PRO specs

The Corsair K70 RGB PRO follows suit with previous boards from Corsair’s lineup of mechanical gaming keyboards with some impressive, but unsurprising specs. At launch, the K70 RGB PRO is available with your choice of five Cherry MX mechanical key switches, the list is as follows:

  • MX RGB Red – Linear and silent
  • MX RGB Brown – Tactile and silent
  • MX RGB Blue – Tactile and clicky
  • MX RGB Speed – Linear and light actuation force
  • MX RGB Silent – Linear and heavy actuation force

The differing popularity of this key switch lineup means that its a fair bet that some variants of the Corsair K70 RGB PRO will sell out far quicker than others, specifically the MX Brown and MX Blue version as these tend to be the most coveted type of switches in our experience.

Additionally, the board comes with Corsair’s AXON polling technology. This has a polling rate of 8000Hz meaning that you’ll never be left behind in the heat of battle by a laggy keystroke. Rather conscientiously the board ships with double-shot PBT keycaps, a relative rarity among larger manufacturers that usually opt for the cheaper ABS material for the stock keycaps.


The keyboard continues to impress in terms of features with an included detachable wrist rest, detachable USB Type-C cable, and a line of dedicated media keys with a volume roller. All these make the Corsair K70 RGB PRo one of the more feature-laden mechanical gaming keyboards out there.

Corsair K70 RGB PRO price

It comes as no surprise that this is an expensive gaming keyboard, with the features previously mentioned and the considerable heritage that corsair holds it was always going to be priced pretty high, of course, the prices will vary from region to region so we’ve listed them for you below.

  • United States – $159.99-169.99
  • Canada – CAD$ 299.99-239.99
  • United Kingdom – £169.99
  • Europe – €189.99-199.99

Again we’ll be getting our hands on the K70 RGB PRO very soon for a full review so stay tuned and we’ll let you know the ins and outs of this exciting new mechanical gaming keyboard.

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