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Community building and economy management simulator, Common’hood, is a really interesting take on the concept of a settlement building game, focusing on a natural, self-sustaining community.

If you’ve been hankering for a more community-focused settlement management game, then you won’t have too much longer to wait. We’ve compiled all of the relevant release information for you down below.

Common’hood Release Date

Common’hood first appeared online back in December of 2018 with a pretty awesome gameplay demo. The demo showed off some of the crafting tools that the developers had been working on.

commonhood screenshot

After a lengthy development cycle, we know that the game will eventually be released at some point during March 2022. Right now, that’s the most specific that we can be, but as the time grows closer we’re hoping to hear of a genuine release date.

Common’hood Trailer and Game Details

As Common’hood is a town-building game with a community focus, it has a very different feel to other similar games. Rather than having a broad focus and plinking down cookie-cutter buildings, you have to specifically build each construction from the ground up yourself, or at least design it.

While this does mean that there’s a lot more work behind each individual building in the game, it also means that you can have a very unique-looking settlement once you’ve begun. There’s also a broad range of automation tools, despite the self-sustaining nature of the communities that you’ll build.

You can check out the trailer below to get a more complete picture of the game. It shows the game’s incredibly unique town and graphic style, as well as the dichotomy between the natural, self-sustaining elements, and the ruined buildings that make up the backdrop of the world around you.


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