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Ciao! Lego immortalises an Italian design icon in brick form with Lego Vespa 125

A few years back, we got a Lego Harley Davidson, marking a departure from Lego’s prior obsession with vehicles of the four-wheeled kind. Now, a second two-wheeled design icon is set to scoot across your desk (or, more likely, be displayed proudly on a shelf): Lego Vespa 125 (£89.99/$99.99, available 1 March).

The finished model is constructed from a whopping 1106 pieces and measures over 22cm high and 35cm long – which entertainingly dwarfs 2020’s Lego Fiat 500. The pale blue colour Lego’s used for the bodywork will make Vespa fans beam, since it’s one of the first colours the Italian icon was made in. And, like every other Creator Expert model, the Vespa 125 is packed full of fine details.

Bunch of flowers

According to Lego senior designer Florian Muller, recreating the details of the original model to celebrate the classic 1960s Vespa was his favourite aspect of creating the set. And Marco Lambri, head of the Piaggio Group Design Center, reckons the partnership between his organisation and Lego “met with flying colours” the challenge of having “the soft shapes of the Vespa coexist with the form of Lego bricks”.

But this scooter is about more than mere form: you get a brick-built helmet, along with a bunch of flowers in the bike’s basket. A removable engine cover lets you gawp at a brick-built engine. And you can flip up the kickstand and trundle your pride and joy about, delighting in its working steering. Probably don’t try to ride it yourself, mind. It’s not that realistic a model.

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