Chinese optics manufacturer TTArtisan has announced it’s joining the Micro Four Thirds System standard, paving the way for more budget-friendly third-party lenses for Micro Four Thirds camera systems.

The Micro Four Thirds System standard was jointly announced by then-Olympus and Panasonic back in 2008 and has since brought onboard 57 companies. OM Digital Solutions, the company who purchased Olympus’ camera division at the beginning of 2022, says it ‘will continue to develop and enhance the product line-up to meet the diverse needs of our customers,’ which now includes TTArtisan, an optics company established in June 2019 that now offers a range of affordable third-party manual lenses for various camera mounts.

A screenshot of TTArtisan’s current APS-C lens lineup.

In the announcement, Shenzhen Mingjiang Optical Technology Co., the parent company of TTArtisan, says its it joining the Micro Four Thirds System standard will bring ‘possibilities unique to a joint standard [that] are sure to push the enjoyment of imaging ever further.’ Whiel all seven of TTArtisan’s APS-C lenses are already available in Micro Four Thirds mounts, this partnership could see these lenses get internal microchips that capable of transferring lens information — such as focal length and the current aperture — to compatible Micro Four Thirds cameras.

You can find all of TTArtisan’s current offerings on its online shop.

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