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Check Out This Cheap Wireless Mic with Backup Recording


Wireless audio is basically the standard for any level of production. It’s just so accessible nowadays. One thing a lot of newer systems are doing is adding on a layer of recording to make the entire system even more functional, especially for independent productions. There are a ton of options out there now, too.

One such example is the LENSGO LWM-328C Wireless Lavalier System. It looks just like your average wireless system, but it adds backup recording to the mix as a convenient option. If you want to learn more you should check out this video from Tom Antos.

As always, let’s start with the specs:

  • Range: 500’ (150 m)
  • Internal Recording via microSD Card (16-bit 48 kHz)
  • Standard Pack with Belt Clip & Antenna
  • Locking 3.5mm Input
  • Included Lavalier Mic
  • Uses AA Batteries (5 hour runtime)

On a good day Tom took it out for a range test. Nice weather with line of sight should be best case scenario for functionality. It doesn’t use the increasingly common 2.4GHz frequency – which is shared with other devices like Wi-Fi—but instead uses the more reliable 521-555MHz range. This should improve reliability and limit interference.

Image Credit: LENSGO

Line of sight seems important with this model at longer ranges. Even heading beyond 100’ had some dropouts in his test when he turned around or even waved his hand in front of the pack. When not moving and in line of sight it did still work out a few hundred feet. At the limit of 500’ there was some inconsistency.

It has a decent build. It’s nothing special in the wireless space but it also doesn’t seem so much worse than the rest. For an affordable system the use of more standard frequencies is helpful compared to the compact 2.4GHz system. If you are in cities or working events where interference has been an issue this may be a better option.

If you do lose the signal, this will do well since it can do internal recording as a backup track. The 16-bit 48kHz resolution is plenty for a backup.

Controls are straightforward with a couple of buttons and the LCD screen. There’s also a USB-C port. The receiver and transmitter look similar though with monitoring and line outputs. A nice trick is a little IR system that allows you to quickly sync them up.

For the price, under $200 at time of writing, this seems like a good deal if you are passing on the affordable 2.4GHz systems. Plus, the internal recording is a huge benefit you don’t get from other systems.

What do you think? Or have you found another reliable option for your audio kit?

[source: Tom Antos]

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  • LENSGO LWM-328C Wireless Lavalier Mic System (Amazon)


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