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Capture One ends its brand-specific versions for Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony cameras: Digital Photography Review


Capture One has announced that it has stopped offering branded software versions. Starting today, Capture One (for Sony), Capture One for Fujifilm and Capture One for Nikon are no longer available for purchase.

Capture One says that the change is due to ‘preparation for the launch of new and existing products, including a powerful new way to collaborate with Capture One Live, and the brand’s first iOS app with Capture One for iPad.’

The good news is that users of the branded version of Capture One are not being left out in the cold. Perpetual license users on the latest version of Capture One for Sony / Nikon / Fujifilm (version 22) will receive a free upgrade to Capture One Pro on April 5, 2022. Additional information will be sent to affected customers closer to that date. If you’re a subscriber, you will continue to pay the same price you do now for as long as you remain a subscriber. In April, subscribers will be able to update to the latest version of Capture One Pro. You may continue to use the branded versions if you want, although it’s not recommended.

Users of older versions (versions 21 and older) will be able to upgrade to the latest version of Capture One Pro at the same lower price they would pay to upgrade to a new version of a branded version of Capture One, which is a 25% discount. This offer ends in three months, on April 18, 2022.

The branded versions of Capture One will continue to be updated until the next major release of Capture One comes out, which is standard practice. Additional bug fixes will be made available for an additional year after that.

These are the current Capture One 22 purchasing options. As of today, you can no longer make new purchases of branded versions of Capture One.

Capture One is doing a lot to ease the transition for existing customers. However, for brand new customers with Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony cameras, the loss of the branded versions means they must pay more for Capture One. The full version of Capture One 22 is $299 for a new license or $199 for an upgrade. Subscriptions start at $24/month or $179 per year. Previously, the branded versions were available for $199 ($149 upgrade) or $19 per month. For additional information about Capture One, visit its website. Visit this support page for more information about today’s change to Capture One’s product offerings.


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