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Canon EOS C70 Firmware Update Adds Cinema RAW Light Capabilities

Canon has just released a new firmware update for the EOS C70 version This firmware allows you to capture footage in 12-bit Cinema RAW Light internally at up to 60 frames per second. Also, new Stop Motion and Timelapse modes further expand the camera’s creative options. Let’s take a closer look at everything new!

Back in January, alongside the Canon EOS R5 C launch, the company teased a firmware update for the Canon EOS C70 with the addition of a Cinema RAW Light recording option.

Well, the wait is finally over, and firmware update for the Canon EOS C70 is now available! Watch the video below for an overview:

Canon EOS C70 firmware update

The Canon EOS C70 firmware update is a major one that takes the compact and already competent cinema camera to a new level. Indeed, the addition of Canon’s proprietary 12-bit Cinema RAW Light LT/ST/HQ codecs will allow you to take full advantage of the DGO sensor with up to 16 stops of dynamic range. Best of all, you can record in Cinema RAW Light internally to V90 SD cards. Here are the full specifications:

  • Super35 sensor mode with no crop (4096 x 2160):
    • Cinema RAW Light ST at up to 30 frames per second
    • Cinema RAW Light LT at up to 60 frames per second
  • Super16 sensor mode with a crop (2048 x 1080):
    • Cinema RAW Light LT, ST, and HQ at up to 60 frames per second

All Cinema RAW Light flavors are 12-bit with a maximum bitrate of over 550Mbps in 4K Cinema RAW Light LT at 60 frames per second. Remember that a V90 SD card has a maximum bitrate of 645Mbps, so you’re close to the maximum of what the EOS C70 can record internally.

Furthermore, thanks to the C70’s dual SD card slots, you can record in Cinema RAW Light to one card and record 2K 4:2:0 8-bit proxies to the second card.

Image credit: Canon

Timelapse, stop motion and new picture profiles

This firmware update also adds a couple of new recording options and picture profiles to the Canon EOS C70, including:

  • New timelapse mode
  • A frame by frame/stop-motion mode
  • EOS Standard and EOS Neutral picture profiles. This will be helpful for fast turnaround projects, as well as matching the EOS C70 with other DSLR/mirrorless/compact Canon cameras that don’t have Log picture profiles.
Canon EOS C70
Canon EOS C70. Image credit: CineD

Price and availability

This new firmware update version for the Canon EOS C70 is available now for free.

For more information and to download it, please visit Canon’s website here.

What do you think about this new firmware update for the Canon EOS C70? Do you feel Cinema RAW Light codecs will give you more flexibility in your workflow? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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