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The developers behind Dying Light 2 are taking the game in a modern dark age direction. There’s modern-day technology, but the tools of the day require medieval weaponry, which is scrapped together. While playing through the game, you’ll find medieval-themed weaponry with modern-day parts that you get to clobber enemies with. Sticking to the theme, it means that there are Dying Light 2 ranged weapons, primarily bows, a crossbow, and some primitive guns. Here is everything you need to know on how to get Ranged weapons in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2 Bow and Arrows

Dying Light 2 bow
Lets Waltz is the first mission you get a blue bow and arrow blueprints.

You can only get a Ranged weapon after completing the mission, Letz Waltz. It’s the main story mission and grants your first bow in Dying Light 2. You can get your first bow within around eight hours if you’re speedrunning the main story, but most people may find it takes a few hours more if they are getting to grips with side quests and open-world content.

Once you get your first bow, there are plenty of other loot sources at various weapon strengths. For example, you can get the paper clip, which is a bow you can get from the SHoe main story mission. In addition, you can find other Dying Light 2 bows on top of skyscrapers at varying powers based on your character’s level.

It is also worth mentioning you can find Dying Light 2 arrows on the corpses of tracksuit rebels. You can typically find these around convoy missions, plucking arrows from their corpses. You can also craft 10 arrows with 10 scraps and some feathers. You can find scrap from a variety of loot sources, which feathers are easily farmed from Garden Rooftops. Alternatively, you can trade for supplies with vendors and Craft Masters for old-world money.

Once you get your Dying Light 2 Bow, then you’ll be able to begin using the Ranger class gear properly. This gear is essentially useless up to you to get a bow, as it benefits examples like getting XP using bows, doing increased damage with ranged weapons, and other ranged theme playstyles.  

Dying Light 2 Guns

Dying Light 2 Boomstick
Here is how to get a gun in Dying Light 2.

If you’re wondering how to get guns in Dying Light 2, then is only one we are aware of. You can get a gun from a side mission called the Renegades. This side quest pops up after you finish the Orders main story mission in the Central District. Completing the Renegades quest rewards a blueprint for a weapon called the Boomshot. It is a craftable two-barrel shotgun, which is a single-use weapon with two rounds. When you unlock the blueprint, you will find it costs 100 scrap each, which is a lot. However, it does a lot of burst damage, which can be useful against bosses, or even the toughest special infected.

If you really like the Boomshot, you can freely upgrade the Boomshot blueprint at a Craft Master using materials to upgrade it.

Dying Light 2 Crossbow

As far as we are aware, you can only get one Dying Light 2 Crossbow in Dying Light 2. This is a reward for using the faction system to give the PK’s territory. When you unlock the Crossbow, you also learn the blueprints for the Crossbow arrows, including the crafting elemental arrows, lick shock, bleed, and more.

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Hopefully, this has answered your question on how to get Dying Light 2 ranged weapons.


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