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Blackview A95 cameras: New progress in low-light photography

The new Blackview A95 moves forward a significant step in design aesthetics as the most beautiful smartphone out of the Blackview A-series lineup. However, it doesn’t stop there by reaching breakthroughs on the combination and optimization of camera hardware and software for the best photography experience, especially for the low-light shooting.

Today, smartphone photography performance has attached greater importance. There’re plenty of moments every day inspiring users to take out their smartphones and click the shutter for recording and sharing with photos and videos. Blackview has worked hard on the R&D of photography technologies and tasted a bit of success on the Blackview A95 with the upgraded camera sensor and algorithms. Users can take photos whenever they prefer, even in challenging, poor-lit situations. 

8MP Front Camera: Capture the Perfect You

Integrated on the front small waterdrop hole is the 8MP front camera. Although the camera sensor is not from the famous Samsung or Sony brands, its photography power can bring out the best you.

20MP Rear Camera: Explore the Stunning Beauty in Low light

Blackview A95 adopts a 20MP Sony® IMX376 rear camera, the latter of which is the highest-pixel camera yet for Blackview A-series smartphones. The 20MP sensor works on a theory that when in low-light environments, the 4-in-1 pixel binning technology helps four neighboring 1μm pixels combine into a large 2μm super pixel to improve the light sensitivity. When in well-lit conditions, the re-mosaic algorithm reorganizes the binning pixels into original ones to shoot clear photos.

For Bright Lighting

Theoretically, the 20MP camera manages well in any lighting. With ample light, the re-mosaic algorithm functions and guarantees clarity and color fidelity when with ample light to record the best smile in the sunlight.

For Low Lighting

Compared with shooting in bright lighting conditions, the low-light performance has more to expect for the sake that it can be a breeze to make marvelous results on the well-lit shooting, but it’s not always the case for the converse situations. The aforementioned 4-in-1 pixel binning technology ensures improved light absorption, 4x higher than before and 300% higher than other ordinary cameras, to produce a brighter image with less noise instead of being dark, blurry, or grainy. 

Blackveiw A95

The second-generation Super Night Mode complements the 20MP camera well. Compared with its predecessor, it gets upgrades on imaging speed to avoid shaking and reduce the quality. Open this mode, and you’ll find that embracing the shadows in shooting in low light can tell a very different story than a brightly lit image.

Blackveiw A95

More Shooting Modes: Support Different Imaging Styles

Both front and rear cameras take in the latest software algorithms optimized by the Blackview R&D team for the flagship lineup to provide more options and help capture different moments with different modes. For example, the Portrait Mode blurs the background and puts the highlights on the focus. The PortraitColor Mode keeps the focused subject in colors, and the rest will remain in black and white. If users don’t prefer the preset modes, the Pro Mode comes in handy to allow for self-adjustment for the key camera specs, such as the shutter speed and exposure level.

Blackveiw A95

Blackveiw A95

Other Specifications and Features 

Besides excelling in design and photography, Blackview A95 is also attractive in its overall performance. Backed by competitive specs, including the octa-core MediaTek Helio P70 with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, up to 1TB expandable storage, 4380mAh battery, 18W fast charging, and Doke OS 2.1, the A95 effortlessly deals with everyday tasks.

Blackveiw A95

Price & Availability

From February 21st to March 3rd PT, Blackview A95 is available at $149.99. You can check it out already on Aliexpress if interested.

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