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Beholder 3 Release Date, Trailer


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It’s never been more fun to spy on your neighbors. In a video game anyway, we don’t want you to go trying it in real life and get us in trouble. Beholder 3 is the third entry in the totalitarian-state spying simulator that puts you in the difficult position of spying for the state, or terrible things happening to you and your family.

beholder 3 screenshot

The original game was a pretty decent time that followed off the heels of the masterpiece that was Papers, Please, but can the third entry keep the momentum going? We’ll find out soon enough, with the game only a few months short of a release date.

Beholder 3 Release Date

Beholder 3 was announced in April 2021, with a lot of speculation at the time about what direction the game would take the series in after the second game changed the formula pretty dramatically.

At the time, the general consensus was that the game would drop at some point in 2022. Now, we can confirm that, as the release date has officially been announced as happening at some point during Q1 of 2022.

Beholder 3 Trailer

The first game in the series had you take charge as the landlord of a building and forced you to make choices about what and who you would report to the totalitarian state. The second game changed things up by having you build a career in the government itself. So far it looks like Beholder 3 is going back to the series’ roots ab it with you back in charge of a building.

Having said that it’s going back to the original, there are a few key details that differ here. Firstly, this entry is set in a different time period, with a completely different government in control. Whether or not that will have a big effect on the story or gameplay remains to be seen, but at the very least we can expect returning elements to be heavily expanded on.

In the trailer below you can get an idea of where Beholder 3 is going from a narrative perspective. There’s no official trailer beyond this brief teaser, at least right now, but you can find some fan footage from the beta release if you’re interested.


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