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Babysense Cloud smart mattress monitors your baby’s sleep


Sleep is a commodity that many of us take for granted, but new parents are one group that would do anything to protect their precious rest. Babysense is here to save the day with its new Cloud smart mattress, the world’s first smart mattress for babies.

Babysense’s new Cloud smart mattress boasts various features to help parents track and understand their baby’s sleep patterns. The mattress can follow the slightest micro-movements and environmental factors such as chest movements, rolling over, temperature, and humidity, or even when the little one needs to be changed. Parents can manage this information through the Babysense app, which is available through the Google Play Store or App Store.

Track all of your baby's sleep health through the Babysense app.

The Cloud smart mattress is 100% breathable and washable, and each of its sides has its own level of firmness that you can adjust throughout your child’s baby and toddler years. Paired with the smart mattress is A.I. that Babysense uses to provide personalized tips and predictions to parents. The projections include the possible times the baby is about to wake up or go to the bathroom. The A.I. predictions are spearheaded by the wisdom of Kim West, known as “The Sleep Lady.” West is the leading children’s sleep coach and expert.

Babysense’s new Cloud smart mattress can connect to the company’s other products, including the camera and app, to provide a one-stop access point for parents. The mattress is just the next step in the Babysense journey to help parents better understand their children and their health.

If you’re a new parent, the new Cloud Smart Mattress can help you keep an eye on your baby’s health. Unfortunately, Babysense hasn’t released an expected price or release date for the smart mattress.

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