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Avid NEXIS | EDGE – Remote Editing Made Easy

Avid Technology is aiming to make remote editing easier with the release of Avid NEXIS | EDGE. This new solution automates a proxy workflow that allows editors and producers to access media from anywhere. And it isn’t just for Media Composer, it works with Premiere and Google Chrome, too. Let’s have a look at what they’ve cooked up!

NEXIS is essentially a high-performance NAS solution by Avid for video post-production. It allows a pool of editors on the same network to access the same media and project files reliably.

Avid NEXIS | EDGE extends reliability beyond brick-and-mortar production houses and allows teams from anywhere to collaborate.

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Avid’s work-from-anywhere solution relies on a “sibling media format”, a proxy / hi-res media pair. Avid Media Composer handles the active switching between hi-res and proxy. There is no re-linking, no conforming, and the switch is nearly instantaneous.

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A new play button dropdown menu, allows users to select High-Resolution Only, Proxy Only, Proxy Preferred, or High-Resolution Preferred. This can work to speed things up in-house when dealing with lots of high-resolution content, or to take media on the go.

Remote Avid NEXIS Client

Image credit: Avid

The new Remote Avid NEXIS client allows users to connect to a facility NEXIS over a secure VPN. Best of all, the client handles the unpredictability of Wi-Fi and home internet connections.

Once logged on, users can launch projects in Media Composer, or through Avid’s NEXIS | EDGE Browser.

NEXIS | EDGE Browser

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NEXIS | EDGE Browser is a simplified application that gives users a view of all the content within their NEXIS system. They can review and mark clips, compile sequences, create bins, and more without the need for a Media Composer license.

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One of the most enticing aspects of NEXIS EDGE for remote work is its ability to work offline.

A new copy workflow in Media Composer lets users pull down proxy media, renders, and bins to their local drive. It does this without trimming down any of the clips or creating new media that would have to be re-linked.

Collaborative remote video editing from anywhere

One of the most difficult aspects of working remotely is working with a team. I have been a remote editor for the past 9 years, and I’ve tried every available solution while working on various documentary and reality series.

The current standard we use is an RGS solution where we remote into an in-house or virtual machine. So far, this has been the best solution, but it requires a fast, hard-wired connection at home.

Last year, Hedge announced Postlab for Media Composer, which is essentially an Avid NEXIS in the cloud.

NEXIS EDGE takes it a step further, allowing easy access and the ability to download all the content we need within Media Composer. Editors can work without fear of internet drop-outs, and no re-linking headaches when sending in sequences for review.

Head over to Avid’s website for more information about the new Avid NEXIS | EDGE solution.

Are you working remotely with Avid Media Composer for your projects? What do you think about NEXIS | EDGE? Let us know in the comments below.

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