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AVADirect Adds New Desktop PC Wallpapers


New Year, New Wallpapers! 2022 is bringing a lot of exciting changes for AVADirect Custom Computers.

10 years ago, our configurators were groundbreaking. Who else could offer as many options with decent component filtering features? We’ve continuously tweaked and added things over the years, but the code’s old and at this point makes one think of Theseus’s ship. It’s time for a new AVADirect Custom Computers.

Our design team is working tirelessly on a new look that simplifies the process of choosing components without limiting choice when building your desktop PC, laptop or server. Of course, we’re not just redesigning the configurators, the whole site will be refreshed and ready to go! We’re cleaning up our menus, adding a few helpful pages and adding an entirely new version of Instabuilder, an easy Workstation PC Builder. Don’t worry, our Gaming Instabuilder hasn’t been forgotten either, and will get a whole new look for a smoother and faster experience while configuring a gaming PC.

As you can imagine, this is a ton of work. Outside to updating our website design, our internal processes, servers, and inventory management system are all being refreshed alongside our website for a fully cohesive experience. While our design team was waiting for the programmers to catch up, they got to work on updating our default selected wallpaper, as well as providing some fresh new designs for customers to choose from!


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