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Arcade Paradise Release Date & Trailer


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People of a certain age probably have a lot of nostalgia for arcades. While they’re pretty rare and niche these days, back in the 80s and 90s they were pretty much everywhere. If you’ve been missing the vibe of 90s arcades, then Arcade Paradise can help you scratch that particular nostalgia itch.

When it comes to reliving the glory days, there are plenty of people hyped about the idea. To help those folks out, we’ve compiled all of the most important data on this upcoming title in one convenient place.

Arcade Paradise Release Date

Arcade Paradise was announced in March 2021, with a trailer showing off some of the arcade game clones that the game would feature, as well as hinting at some sort of overarching storyline to do with converting a laundromat.

Arcade Paradise Screenshot

At the time, the trailer claimed the game would be released at some point during 2021, but as we now know, that didn’t happen. Luckily, the devs did give us a slithy more specific release window of Spring 2022 and at the same time released a new, more in-depth trailer for the title.

Arcade Paradise Trailer

The main goal of the game seems to mostly revolve around just relaxing and enjoying some arcade titles from yesteryear, or at least very close approximations. Having said that, a decent chunk of the gameplay is related to a narrative where you have to take your family’s struggling laundromat and convert it into a profit-turning arcade business.

It also seems like the games themselves will feature goals and storylines, which is quite a lot of depth compared to what most arcade titles of the day actually had. Even better, you have the option of playing the arcade games with your friends in couch co-op, a feature that many gamers will be thankful for.

You can check out the “rags to riches” trailer below if you want to see some of the games, as well as some of the management gameplay that forms the framing device for the arcade action.


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