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Apple allegedly working on an iPad Pro prototype with MagSafe charging glass logo

Apple has never been particularly chatty when it comes to future plans and RnD. Still, most analysts believe that we can expect updated vanilla iPad and iPad Air, as well as new Pro models in 2022. You can read more predictions about the basic iPad and the Air here while we focus on the new iPad Pro design.

The question of wireless charging has been a topic for discussion basically since Apple unveiled its MagSafe wireless charging tech for the iPhone. As per the latest chatter from industry insiders, Apple is already experimenting with at least one 2022 iPad Pro prototype with MagSafe on board.

Well, a variation of it, that is. Sources claim that Cupertino was particularly hesitant about swapping out the iPad’s traditional metal back for a glass one in order to facilitate wireless charging. Instead, the proposed solution is a large glass Apple logo, akin to that on the latest MacBook models. The prototype allegedly also has beefier magnets to prevent accidental detachment.

Apple allegedly working on an iPad Pro prototype with MagSafe charging glass logo

We have to wonder whether Apple is actually planning or if it’s even possible to use the MagSafe magnet mounting system in a more general fashion as a way to attach accessories like keyboards and stands to the iPad in a seamless and clean way. That would be quite interesting to see, particularly for keyboards since some users have been complaining of excessive battery drain from an attached Magic Keyboard. Perhaps newer models will be designed to charge the tablet is some way, as a dock of sorts, rather than leech off its battery.

iPad 10.2 (2021)
iPad Air (2020)
iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 (2021)

iPad 10.2 (2021) • iPad Air (2020) • iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 (2021)

Speaking of battery, most sources agree that the next iPad Pro will likely have a larger pack on board. Also on the potential list of new additions – a camera module similar to that on the iPhone 13, potentially new and brighter double-stacked OLED panels. Perhaps even ones with a notch to unify the aesthetic with the MacBook line? Though, that last one thankfully hasn’t popped up in the rumor mill nearly as often. We might even see the debut of an Apple M2 chip. After all Apple experienced a nice uptick in iPad sales in Q4 so it might just make sense to refine them even more aggressively. At least the Pro models, that is, the new Mini seems to be stepping on the toes of the iPhone 13 and its sales, so we don’t expect major movement there.

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