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Angelbird AV PRO MK2 Released – Up To 4TB CFexpress Cards for 12K+ RAW Recording


Angelbird AV PRO MK2 Released – Up To 4TB CFexpress Cards for 12K+ RAW Recording

The newly released Angelbird AV PRO MK2 cards are the company’s flagship models for the CFexpress Type-B standard. While the regular AV PRO CFexpress MK2 cards offer up to 4TB of storage space, the “XT” versions provide a higher sustained write speed of up to 1480MB/s. Both versions are ready for 12K+ RAW recording.

In the era of super high resolution, you never have enough time to get used to a standard since the next one is already around the corner. The rapid expansion of RAW video formats and the introduction of high-frame-rate 8K and 12K recording require fast, reliable, high-capacity media.

Angelbird is bringing this technological advancement even further. In fact, their latest products are so capable that they exceed the write speed requirements of today’s camera technology by far. Let’s find out more.

Angelbird AV PRO MK2: designed for 12K+ RAW

In recent times, the CFexpress Type-B standard has been largely adopted by camera manufacturers to offer high frame rate recording at very high resolutions. The RED V-RAPTOR, the newborn Canon EOS R5C, and the Nikon Z9 are just a few examples of very source-demanding tools.

However, none of these models gets even close to maxing out the write speeds of the new Angelbird cards. No, not even the 8K 120p RAW recording mode of the RED V-RAPTOR. In fact, this new generation of media looks far beyond 8K.

The Angelbird AV PRO MK2 series includes six cards. Three belong to the regular AV PRO MK2 series with a focus on high-capacity. Instead, the other three form the “XT” lineup which is engineered with speed in mind. Both versions are ready to support 12K+ RAW recording. Moreover, they offer read speeds of 1785 MB/s for fast offloading of the files.

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress XT MK2 660GB card. Source: Angelbird

AV PRO MK2 for high capacity

The regular AV PRO CFexpress MK2 cards come in three different sizes: 1TB, 2TB, and an astonishing maximum capacity of 4TB.

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress MK2. Source: Angelbird

The great thing about all the new cards is that their write speed stays constant as the media fills up. According to the manufacturer, the AV PRO MK2 can guarantee a sustained write speed of 1300MB/s throughout the whole capacity of the card. Moreover, they can reach maximum write peaks of 1550MB/s.

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress MK2 write speeds. Source: Angelbird

“XT” for extended endurance

While the standard AV PRO MK2 series focuses on capacity, the “XT” models are designed to ensure extended endurance.

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress XT MK2. Source: Angelbird

In fact, the products in this sub-series provide a much smaller storage space (330, 660, and 1320GB), but with a higher sustained write speed of 1480MB/s. This will allow exploiting the full capabilities of future camera models for the highest image quality possible.

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress XT MK2 write speeds. Source: Angelbird

High-end technologies for data protection

Besides being blazing fast thanks to their Y2 Processor, the new cards also promise to be extremely reliable. In fact, they are packed with all the latest technologies that will keep your data safe from all sorts of threads.

The Advanced Thermal Management system protects the cards from overheating. Moreover, the Adaptive Power Management and Power Loss Protection technologies will respectively optimize battery life and avoid content loss if the power goes out.

Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress MK2 2TB card. Source: Angelbird

Price and availability

These new Angelbird products are now available for pre-order on B&H and CVP. Pricing starts at $479.99 for the AV PRO MK2 1TB and AV PRO XT MK2 330GB cards and skyrockets to $1799.99 for the AV PRO MK2 4TB and AV PRO XT MK2 1360GB.

What do you think of the new CFexpress Type-B cards? Do you expect any manufacturer to release a camera that can fully exploit the potential of these cards in the near future? Share your thought in the comments below!


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