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American Woodcrafters Website Highlights Quick-Ship Items, Designer Program

Mid-priced case goods resource American Woodcrafters (AWC), a specialist in coastal, cabin, condo and youth bedroom and dining furniture, has launched a website giving retailers instant access to browse quick-ship items.


In addition, the American Woodcrafters website helps interior designers connect to AWC’s in-house designer specialist and allows consumers to shop in a variety of ways, including shop by style, shop by collection, shop by piece and by finish.


“AWC designed our new highly-interactive, intuitive and user-friendly website with all audiences in mind: retailers, designers, consumers and sales reps,” said Rusty Morris, vice president of sales and marketing.

Through a log-in feature, retailers and designers can be directed to an online catalog that displays only those items and collections that are in stock and ready to ship 48 hours after order receipt from AWC’s 100,000-square-foot High Point warehouse. “With today’s supply chain challenges, the most frequent question we are asked is, ‘What is in stock?’ This feature enables retailers and designers to see right away what is available in our quick-ship program,” Morris said. He added that the feature “offers a great sales tool for retailers working with shoppers in the store, because they can check to see if the items shoppers are interested in are in stock,” he said.


The quick-ship display feature is powered through the AMP software platform for digital catalogs, inventory status and order processing.


In addition to the retail tools, the website also caters to interior designers. “AWC offers many amenities to interior designers, and the website builds on that by allowing them to directly connect with our designer specialist who can help facilitate their project, set up an appointment in our showroom or answer questions,” Morris said.  Additional features on the website include Find a Retailer, Browse Digital Catalogs & New Introductions.


AWC partnered with Jamestown, N.C. based Spin A Web Designs for the design, development and maintenance of the website.


About American Woodcrafters

Based and founded in High Point, N.C. over 25 years ago, American Woodcrafters is a third-generation, family-owned company specializing in well-crafted, comfortable bedroom, dining, entertainment furniture and desks for cottages, cabins, condos, youth bedrooms, rental properties and other home interiors. For more information, visit


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