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AI-Powered Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution (DLDSR) Revealed, arriving on GeForce RTX GPUs January 14


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Alongside a recent driver update with various optimizations and support for the new RTX 3080 12GB, Nvidia also unveiled a brand-new AI feature that is sure to bring along with it some significant advancements to the standard DSR function that we’ve seen in previous iterations of their software. Now, it looks to rely on AI to increase the efficiency of DSR.


As stated by WCCFTech, Nvidia looks to retain similar image quality while also improving efficiency by 100%. This is a huge gain for a huge impact. The example that was given by Nvidia shows off prey running at native resolution, next to DSR 4X, next to DLDSR 2.25x. This shows off Nvidia’s powerful AI Networks that look at the image and will reduce the load on your card by requiring fewer pixel inputs, meaning that DSR at 4X has a similar visual appearance to DLDSR at 2.25x, meaning that you can get a significant FPS boost for less cost.

The way that this manages to operate is by using the Tensor cores in your graphics card. Nvidia purports that DLDSR will be available on most games, and is compatible with any owner of a GeForce RTX GPU.

Great Scott, Marty McFly filters to be added to GeForce Experience

Luckily, we’re not facing a flux capacitor shortage. Pascal Glitcher, also known as Marty McFly is incredibly well-known in the PC modding community for creating an array of plugins, injectors, and mods for your favorite games to make them look better. Now using the powers of GeForce Experience Freestyle, you will be able to experience various depth-based filters that many die for. Previously, some implementations of these could only be found on Pascal’s Patreon.

Now, you’ll be able to get the highly prized mod known as SSRTGI (Screen Space Ray Traced Global Illumination) filter applied to Geforce Experience Freestyle, instead of having to manually inject it into every game as you have had to do so in the past. In addition to this, you can also now use SSAO and Dynamic DOF features, which are a bit less exciting, but nice to see nonetheless.

Did we mention that Nvidia launched a whole new GPU today? Or that ASUS are making AIB boards for it, and somehow no one knows how much it costs? But, you can still look for where to buy one, if you really want.


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