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5 Uplifting Photography Stories to Give You a Boost of Positive Love


Since we began the site, our objective here at The Phoblographer has been to help people feel good while educating them about the world and the photo industry. To achieve that, the team works hard to bring you its views, as well as the work of photographers within the community. It’s not always easy, but we think we do a good job. From using photography to boost mental health to using your skills to benefit society, there are many ways photography can provide positivity. Below are some perfect examples.

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Use Photography for Mental Health Stability

Back in June, yours truly wrote an article aiming to help photographers keep their mental health stable. I’ve written about my depression in the past, and how photography really helped save the day. In this piece, we cover six ways photography can help keep you happy and strong to battle through difficult times. Read the full article here.

David Klammer Used Photography to Show Off a “Utopia”

Have you ever dreamt about living in a utopian society where everyone works together for the good of the community and the land? Well, there is a part of India that’s trying to achieve that. Auroville is a self-sustained city that focuses on green living and people supporting each other. Money doesn’t really exist. Instead, people do their part to keep things functioning. David Klammer has a 20-year relationship with the city and has been back to photograph it many times. Take a look here.

Use Positive Photography to Do Charity Work

Being able to create photographs is a beautiful gift to have. Sure, you worked hard to perfect the craft, but some people just don’t have that creative flair, so be grateful you do. With that, don’t just use it for your benefit. Use it also to uplift others. A helpful way to do that is to do charity work. Volunteer your photography skills to support a charity’s brand and the work they’re doing. I go into further detail here.

Sándor Kereki Kept His Photography a Secret

Sándor Kereki’s story spreads positivity because of how interesting it is. Similar to the story of Vivian Maier, it seems Kereki kept his photographs to himself for decades. He made photographs of the Hungarian revolution, and this year he released them to the online photo catalog, Fortepan. They’re wonderful and educational. See more of them here.

Greg Bowl Takes Us Into the World of Professional Wrestling

Professional wrestling, although aggressive on the surface, is all about entertainment. Greg Bowl spent time photographing pro wrestling before it had really hit the mainstream. He has plenty of stories to tell. Imagine sitting by the fire, drinking hot cocoa, and listening to him go down memory lane. While that’s not possible, you can create the same ambiance by looking at his photographs and his interview here.

Yannick Schurwanz Lights Up Atheletes

Yannick Schurwanz is a former athlete-turned photographer. He understands how athletes move, how they think, and how they utilize their bodies. Schurwanz also has a strong understanding of photography and lighting, which he uses to creatively document current athletes. He took us behind the scenes and showed us how he approaches his portraits, sharing what gear he uses. You can take a look here.

Send Us Your Positive Photography

We desire more positive photography. If you have some, then please do send it in by using the above form. Also, if you think there’s a particular story or photographer we need to be aware of, let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

Lead photo by Yannick Schurwanz. All photos used with permission.


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