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5 Unique Engagement Photos That Will Make You Swoon

It’s always a happy time when two people unite and decide to spend the rest of their days together. Maybe we’re becoming soppy in our elder years, but there’s something about seeing engagement photos that release all our Oxytocin. Many photographers have documented these beautiful moments. We’ve had the pleasure of being a home for some of the best photographs in the engagement space, and we celebrate the best of them below.

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Jason Comerford Made Unique Engagement Photos

We see many generic engagement photos in our line of work. However, Jason Comerford shot a series that was far from orthodox. His newly engaged subjects took on the persona of Star Wars Characters. “During our initial meeting, we discovered a mutual interest in some kinda geeky topics, including Star Wars,” said Comerford when asked how he and his clients developed the concept. He added, “After that, we just started researching iconic, classic Star Wars art. Battle scene illustrations, past portraits from the movies, and so forth.” It’s an excellent series and one you can see here.

Tracie Maglosky Goes Underwater for Her Engagement Photos

Underwater photography comes with plenty of potential complications. Remembering to breathe while simultaneously creating photos is the first; getting incredible shots is the second. Yet, photographer Tracie Maglosky makes it look so easy. Her underwater engagement photos have it all: movement, intimacy, connection. “Many couples are looking for alternative ways to show the love they share and the personality of their relationships,” Maglosky told The Phoblographer. Read more here.

Ashley Eubanks’ Engagement Photos Come from a Cult Classic

Ashley Eubanks is another photographer that turned to television for a unique theme. Breaking Bad (the cult classic that revolves around cooking meth) was the theme for this shoot. “We chose the scenes by looking at promo photos from the show and got inspiration from those,” said Eubanks. Only her and her subjects will know why they went with Breaking Bad, but nobody can deny they’re quirky shots for this type of subject. Take a look here.

Candice Benjamin’s Engagement Photos Mix Geek with Chic

Although this photo looks far more conventional than those above, there’s still a theme happening: the popular British series Dr. Who inspired the shoot. Theme aside, we love how gentle these images are. They convey a feeling of innocence and perfectly portray two people madly in love. Take a look here.

This Couple Found Inspiration from The Oz!

It’s almost a decade since The Oz was released. It’s a classic, and this couple was inspired by it right away. They decided it would be the theme for their engagement photos, and they turned to Californian photographer Dana Grant to bring it to life. Grant wanted to explore what would happen if Dorothy and Oz fell for one another. It’s a love story within a love story, and it fills us with joy. Take a look for yourself here.

Send Us Your Photos

We want more love in our lives. Elopements, engagements, weddings: we want it all! If you have some images conveying feelings of love and human connection, please send them our way. You can use the form below to get in touch. If we like what we see, there’s a chance we will feature them on the site.

Which was your favorite photo from the above selection? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for reading.

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Lead image by Tracie Maglosky. All images used with permission.

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