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5 Beautiful Photographs of Animals That Will Make You Fall in Love


Finding good photographs of animals isn’t as common as you’d think. That’s because the task of making them isn’t easy. Animals are unpredictable and don’t always beat to a photographer’s drum. Experienced photographers know how to choose their moments. They also have a ton of patience. When it goes well, it goes really well. And below is a selection of photographs that will show you animals as you’ve never seen before. Get ready to experience all the feels in your heart.

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Gear Used by the Photographers

Below is a list of the gear used by photographers behind this selection of animal photographs. We have included links so you can purchase the gear should you wish. If you do, The Phoblographer gets a small portion of the funds, and the staff eats pizza. We love pizza.

Tyson Rininger’s Photographs of Animals Came from Below

Yes, Jellyfish are animals, and Tyson Rininger has some amazing photographs of them. The above image really hits us. We can’t stop staring at the deep, blue background plus the incredible subject. Rininger’s work and story are equally gripping too, and we encourage you to read more about it here.

Alicja Zmysłowska Photographs of Animals Are Close to Home

Alicja Zmysłowska took a person’s best friend and placed them in unreal environments. Mixing the earth’s natural surroundings and gorgeous canines led to a breathtaking photograph. The dog isn’t photoshopped in either. Everything you see is true, making the image even more impressive. You can read about her full creation process here.

Adam Jones’ Photographs of Animals Looks at a Barn Swallow

Barn swallow in flight, Hirundo rustica

“The angry barn swallow was captured while positioned on my front porch and repeatedly getting dive-bombed,” said Adam Jones in an interview with The Phoblographer. He added, “when reviewing the images on a computer, I was stunned at how many were perfectly focused, even if they were way out of center; the eye-tracking autofocus followed the birds to the very edge of the viewfinder.” It’s an incredible photograph and one that requires few words. The image went viral on Reddit, proving how much the world loves to see awesome photographs of animals. Read more about Jones here.

Kunal Shah Photographs of Animals Focus on India’s Diversity

Kunal Shah has a range of photographs of animals. From birds to deer, his body of work makes you say, “wow!” But it was this vibrant image that really stood out to us. “One species of the Fan Throated Lizard, the Deccan Fan Throated Lizard, is found in Pune city,” he told us. He continued, “the males have colorful fans on their necks that they flash to attract the females during their mating season in summer.” It’s a stunning image and one that begins to tell a story of courtship within the world of the Fan Throated Lizard. You can learn more about it here.

Guy Carpenter Photograph May Turn you Vegan!

Guy Carpenter shared his series of sheep photographs back in early 2021. Located in the stunning Yorkshire Dales, England, he documented the day-to-day life of sheep. However, there was one photo that stole our hearts. The image of a little lamb feeding makes our bodies melt and our minds go into a frenzy–so much so we’re considering becoming Vegan! You can see more images like this by going here.

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Lead photo by Adam Jones. All images used with permission.


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