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Winners & Losers | A major flagship and a major security breach

Pretty consistently, Oppo announced this week the new generation Find X5. With an emphasis on the Pro model, the manufacturer showed once again that it is in the same league as the big players in the mobile market. Samsung, on the other hand, made the headlines at the end of the week for selling millions of smartphones with a serious security flaw.

But before we talk about the ups and downs of the past few days, I want to remind you that today starts MWC 2022, with the first day focused on the press. In the afternoon, Huawei and Samsung open the show with launch events, as well as the event for new manufacturers to demonstrate their products firsthand, ShowStoppers. Stay tuned here at NextPit for everything coming from Barcelona.

As usual, here are some suggested reading for this Sunday with the main highlights of our schedule:

Winner of the week: Oppo and the new generation Find X5

Oppo announced three new smartphones this week: the Find X5, Find X Pro, and Find X5 Lite. Just like last year, the big highlight of the series is the Pro variant, which once again draws attention for its excellent camera. In 2022, the partnership with Hasselblad has been maintained and the smartphone is packed with one of the best-in-class processors: the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.

The performance of the device is magnificent, as we checked in our Find X5 Pro review. In addition, Oppo remains quite original about the design of the line and has one of the fastest charging technologies on the market. No wonder, the manufacturer appears in third place in the ranking of the companies that sell the most cell phones in China.

From left to right: Oppo Find X5 Lite, Find X5 Pro & Find X5 / © anlomaja/Shutterstock

If expectations on Oppo’s flagship for 2022 were high because of the merger with OnePlus, one thing is for sure: the company did not disappoint. The Find X5 Pro is certainly one of the best-built phones of the year, and it’s really a shame that it’s only available in select regions (yes, I’m talking about the US!).

For the incredible consistency in its releases, Oppo gets the well-deserved title of winner of this edition! Samsung, on the other hand, found itself involved in a security breach involving millions of devices and is on the opposite side.

Loser of the week: Samsung and the serious security flaw

Samsung announced the start of sales of the new Galaxy S22 series and released some really impressive numbers from the pre-order period for the new models. According to the manufacturer, the Galaxy S22 family had more pre-sales in the first week than any other Samsung smartphone to date, and they doubled compared to those of the Galaxy S21 line. The Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G accounts for about 60% of this total. That’s in relation to the global market, meaning the company would have a lot to celebrate in the week, were it not for the recent report from Tel Aviv University.

According to the report, Samsung released Galaxy smartphones with a serious security vulnerability. And there’s more, the bug has been around since the release of the Galaxy S8, so it was known to be present in models from the S8, S9, S10, S20, and S21 series, thus affecting more than 100 million devices. To understand the error, I suggest reading the article published by my colleague Dustin Porth on Friday.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Cases
Samsung sold millions of smartphones with a serious security flaw / © Samsung

We don’t yet have an exact number of cases where this exploit has been used, however, one thing is certain: if you own a top-of-the-line Samsung smartphone released since 2017, your passwords may not be secure.

This raises a number of questions about the security of our data and passwords on both Samsung and other manufacturers’ phones, as until now this bug was not known. Therefore, as my colleague Dustin rightly pointed out, “we can only hope that our passwords will be secure in the future.” On second thought, we all lose out on this, not just Samsung!

And with that, I close my case this week! But before I say goodbye, I’d like to know what you thought of this Sunday’s choices? Share your opinion in the comments of this article.

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