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Winners and losers: Sony’s VR future and Samsung’s “fan” edition


New year, new Winners & Losers! That’s right, also for the first week of the year 2022, we at NextPit choose companies, products, or personalities that inspire or disappoint us. In the CES week, Sony managed to excite us, while Samsung disappointed us quite a bit.

The first week of the new year is passing and it is slowly becoming less appropriate to wish a “Happy New Year.” Nevertheless, we want to highlight two companies that disappointed or particularly thrilled us in the first calendar week. But before we get to the winners and losers, I’ll collect you some important topics of the week on NextPit:

If you haven’t already jumped off to another article, we’ll now move on to the winners and losers. Let’s start with Sony, who didn’t even have to present a new smartphone for their winning placement.

Winner: Sony shows the future of home VR

During CES 2022, Sony surprisingly presented the PlayStation VR 2. This means that the successor to the exciting PSVR, which was released in October 2016, will appear in the next few months. Combined with the PlayStation 4, PSVR costs under $1,000  and is thus significantly more affordable than a PC alternative that requires a powerful gaming computer. However, when I tried PSVR a few years ago as part of a review, I was a bit disappointed with the frame rate, resolution, and field of view.

Sony PSVR NextPit
The first PSVR will be replaced in a few months! / © Shutterstock / Travers Lewis

Now our winner of the week comes into play: because Sony has presented really promising specs for the successor model. With an OLED display at a high resolution of 2,000 x 2,400 pixels per eye, HDR compatibility, 110-degree and foveated rendering technology, PSVR could become much more immersive. And you can add to that the power of the PlayStation 5, which you’ll be tethering to the goggles with just a USB-C cable.

Want to try VR for cheap? Here is a phone compatible headset!

So PSVR 2 might look like a reasonably affordable and sufficiently powerful VR setup. And it is bringing us closer to a future where AR/VR is more a part of everyday life. The next step that companies like Oppo and Apple are also preparing for. The unveiling of PSVR 2 makes the latest rumors about the new artificial reality glasses like Apple View or Apple Glass seem more realistic.

For what’s new on Apple Glass, check out the linked rumor overview page. For me personally, AR/VR glasses are slowly but surely becoming exciting. And so Sony emerges as the winner from my last week. Do you agree with me?

Loser: Samsung and the weird Galaxy S21 FE timing

As active NextPit readers, you can probably already guess my loser of the week. The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has already prompted me to publish my opinion. The Galaxy S21 FE comes too late and thunders onto the market so shortly before the launch of the S22 series. In my opinion, this is especially unfair for those for whom the phone is actually intended:

Samsung fans are now torn. Should they buy the Galaxy S21 at a discount? Or should they buy the Galaxy S21 FE, which retails for $699.99? Or should you rather wait for the Galaxy S22, which comes with the new Exynos 2200 and RDNA2 architecture from AMD? One argument for the purchase should be your lifestyle. But what is “lifestyle” about buying a minimally adapted design of a barely one-year-old phone?

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE Hero
The Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 appears at an inopportune time / © Samsung

Probably only Samsung itself knows the answer – and that only leaves us to speculate about it in the comments. Why has Samsung still released the S21 FE? And should we already start converting NextPit to VR? I’m looking forward to a lovely Sunday talk with you!


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