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What does a 27,000,000 mAh giant power bank look like? Let’s find out-


There are a plethora of power banks in the market that are purchasable for a few dollars. Most of these power banks on the market are only tens of thousands of mAh at most. Have you ever seen a 27 million mAh giant power bank? A few days ago, the “Manual Geng” shared his latest invention – a 270,000,000 mAh super-large power bank. Well, you didn’t read that wrong, its actually a 27 million mAh giant power bank.

27,000,000 mAh power bank

Manual Geng said that the capacity of this giant power bank is about 27 million mAh. He further reveals that this power bank can fill 5000 smartphones with a 3000 mAh battery. This giant power bank comes with a total of 60 charging ports. This device can not only charge many mobile phones at the same time but also charge the power bank and notebook. It can even provide power for a television, washing machine, and a rice cooker.

27,000,000 mAh power bank

“This power bank is really convenient to carry,” some netizens joked, “Well, it’s gone as soon as it is pulled,” said a netizen with a smile.

As for the size of this giant power bank, there is no official information from the designer. However, from the images, we can tell that this device is about 6ft long and 4ft wide. Its thickness should be just over 1ft.

We guess this power bank will easily pass into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest moveable powerbank.

See more images of this device below


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