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Touch ID on the iPhone 14 is looking increasingly unlikely


iPhone lovers holding out for the return of Touch ID to the range, will probably be waiting a little longer than the iPhone 14, according to the latest online chatter.

The leaker DylanTK has added his voice to recent speculation that the iPhone 14 and its Pro model extensions will not bring the under-display technology Apple has long been tipped to be working on.

Despite most Android phone manufacturers boasting the under-display fingerprint sensing technology as a biometric security measure, Apple has yet to take the leap.

The only iPhone still rocking the tech within the Home button is the iPhone SE and that’s still the optical sensor Apple had always used, rather than the ultra sonic tech that can sit unobtrusively below the display. Rumours suggest that’ll move to the power button, rather than beneath the display in a future edition.

Despite calls from many iPhone users to bring it back – especially given the complications of using Face ID while wearing a mask – it might not be happening in 2022.

In a tweet Dylan TK writes: “I am in full agreement with recent information provided by fellow Analysts and Leakers. An in display Touch ID sensor will not be coming to any iPhone 14 model or to any Apple product this year and ProMotion will be exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models”

You’ll notice the reference to ProMotion displays remaining exclusive to the iPhone 14 Pro models, rather than trickling down to the standard editions, which has also been rumoured in recent weeks.

The developer also weighed in on the chances of an an iPad Pro running the M2 processor, saying “I have heard nothing but concerns from multiple sources with regards to its Wireless Charging/MagSafe capabilities.” He also says a new iMac Pro may be delayed due to production concerns.

While many well-connected Apple watchers are predicting one of the biggest years yet when it comes to Apple hardware, it seems not all wishes may not be met.


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