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Top 10 PC games to play right now

Crusader Kings 3

Best strategy game


  • Excellent new RPG elements
  • Additional mechanics allow for more varied playstyles
  • Quality-of-life improvements
  • Improved visuals look fantastic


  • AI-controlled allied armies are unreliable
  • Couple of irksome technical issues

Crusader Kings 3 may look like a bore that only a history nerd could love, but it’s actually a ridiculously fun create-your-own-adventure epic, as you can become the ruler of any kingdom you fancy and change historical events for the better or worse.

You can take your crown seriously and try to conquer as much land as possible, or just have a ruddy good time by spending your money on parties and sleeping with every character that looks your way. There’s an excellent RPG system at play here, so you can make different builds with each character.

Strategy games such as Crusader Kings have understandably been intimidating for new players in the past, but this time round there’s an excellent tutorial, accompanied by detailed guides. It’s well worth a go if you have even the faintest interest in history, or you simply just want to wreak havoc as King of England.

Reviewer: Ryan Jones
Full review: Crusader Kings 3

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