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This wellness app wants to “massage your brain” and is temporarily free!


The free app of the day that I decided to introduce to you is BrainAural. This Android wellness app is supposed to help you relax, focus or fall asleep with binaural sounds.


  • The promotion on BrainAural expires in 1 day.
  • The application contains no ads or in-app purchases and does not require an account.
  • BrainAural is rated 4.7 on the Play Store with 200 reviews and 10,000+ installations.

I know absolutely nothing about binaural sounds or beats and a quick Wikipedia search didn’t give me a clue if they have any real beneficial effects or if it’s just a bullshit trend like lithotherapy. But the idea behind BrainAural is to broadcast a sound of a slightly different frequency into each ear to stimulate the brain.

Why is this free Android app worth it?

BrainAural offers several “binaural rhythm therapy” exercises with different objectives: putting you to sleep, boosting your concentration, relaxing, etc. The application advises you to use headphones for more efficiency during the exercises. You can find the best references in our comparison of the best true wireless headphones.

Personally, I don’t find BrainAural’s interface very relaxing or necessarily in line with the Zen and “therapeutic” theme with its neon blue tones. But it is easy to use, each exercise is annotated with a quick description sprinkled with some advice for use. A counter displays the frequencies diffused in each ear as well as the binaural beat, the pulsations supposed to stimulate your brain.

  • Price: $0.99 / Ads: No / In-app purchases: No / Account: Not necessary.
free app day brainaural 31 01 2022
Binaural wants to “massage your brain” / © NextPit

Does this free Android application respect your personal data?

BrainAural does not require an account to run and contains no ads or in-app purchases. A quick scan via the exodus-privacy platform indicates that the app contains a tracker for Google Analytics and requires three permissions, including access to your network and blocking your smartphone from going to sleep (some exercises require you to keep your phone on).

In its privacy policy, the developer Spikything explains that it only collects data if you log in via Google Play Services or if you return this data when using their service, which is not the case with BrainAural. It also states that it never sells or passes on any data to third parties.

Personally, the authorization to access the network seems to me rather suspicious. I would prefer that all sounds and exercises be stored locally and that the application could work offline. But other than that, I think BrainAural is safe.

What do you think of our free app of the day? Have you installed and tried BrainAural?


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