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This smartwatch deal is a bang for the buck for athletes!


Not all premium smartwatches have to be expensive! The Garmin Venu is an ideal alternative if you are in the market for older smartwatches, like the Apple Watch SE, and with this deal, the Venu becomes all the more appealing!


  • Garmin Venu, a former top-rated smartwatch from our list, is heavily discounted on Amazon.
  • Instead of $349.99 now, you can get it for only $209.99.
  • The 40% discount is the lowest price the Garmin Venu has ever been!

After the latest leaks about the new, high-end Garmin Fenix and Garmin Epix 2, I thought it would be fitting to share with you, our NextPit readers, a fantastic Garmin deal.

And here it is, the Garmin Venu, one of our top-rated smartwatches from the past, with a 40% discount on Amazon. 

Garmin Venu for $209.99

Is the Garmin Venu a suitable choice in 2022?

NextPit Garmin Venu Nuki bridge
The Garmin Venu comes with a beautiful AMOLED display. / © NextPit

Yes, the device is indeed old, being released in September 2019, but it remains relevant today. In his review, my colleague Stefan gave it a perfect score, citing the beautiful design, the excellent software, and the excellent training plans. And I believe that a lot of the points he makes withstand the test of time.

  More information
Picture Garmin Venu
  • All-round beautiful and functional design
  • Comprehensive tracking features
  • Great training plans
  • Excellent software
  • Ecosystem not particularly open
  • Battery has issues
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In short, the Garmin Venu comes with around five days of battery life, GPS integration, a wide range of sensors, the ability for music playback, as well as 20 pre-loaded sports apps -with more available through the store.-

The aforementioned features make the Garmin Venu Ideal for athletes who are looking into making their entry into the smartwatch world without breaking their bank. Especially when compared to similar entry-level offers by Apple like the $279.99 Apple Watch SE.

Do you like deals like this? Would you consider buying older smartwatches? Let me know in the comments below! 


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