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Swatch reaches for the stars with the new MoonSwatch collection

Swatch has a reputation for coming up with creative special edition designs, and the company is back at it again. Collaborating with Omega for the first time, the two companies have launched the MoonSwatch collection into the world.

As the name may hint, this new collection is space themed. In it, you’ll find 11 special edition Speedmaster designs. Swatch’s bright colours aren’t what you’d usually find on Speedmaster watches, which makes the collection extra special. Suffice to say, they look out of this world (we couldn’t help ourselves).

What does the MoonSwatch collection look like?

With the MoonSwatch collection, the two brands have drawn inspiration from the stars. Each of the eleven designs takes its name from one of the eleven planets (yes, we know Pluto and the Sun aren’t technically planets), and takes on a signature colour. The watches are playful, while looking very classy indeed.

As you’d expect, the Sun model is yellow with a white strap. Mercury features a dark grey face and strap with a black bezel, and Venus has a cream face and strap with pink bezel. On the Earth model, you’ll find a dark blue face, bezel, and strap, with a mint-green body, representing land and water.

Moon is black with a grey body, Mars is white with a bright red body, Jupiter is a dark cream with black strap, and Venus brown with a lighter brown face and body. Next, we come to Uranus with a light blue face and body, with white strap; Neptune which is dark blue with a black strap; and Pluto which has a cream face, burgundy bezel, and grey strap. Phew, we got there!

The entire collection is made from Swatch’s BIOCERAMIC, which is a mix of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic. Swatch claims it’s considered more environmentally friendly than either material on its own. The mix is two-thirds ceramic, so you almost won’t notice the plastic.

Watch fans will enjoy the asymmetrical case, which extends beyond the watch face. In the watch, you’ll find Omega’s famous tachymeter and Speedmaster subdials, bringing extra functionality to the timepiece. Each MoonSwatch has a 42mm diameter and is 13mm thick, with a glass cover. For the watchstrap, you’ll find a Velcro fastener on a fabric strap.

Swatch confirmed on social media that the watches in the MoonSwatch collection aren’t a limited run. At first, to grab yourself one, you’ll have to head to any number of specific Swatch stores on March 26. The watches will then go on sale online at an unspecified later date.

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