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Super deal from T-Mobile: Get the Google Pixel 6 for only $99


If you are looking for a new Android device, check out this deal! T-Mobile offers the latest Google Pixel 6 for only $99 alongside unlimited plans! This is not just one-sixth of the original price, but you also get to pay off the amount over 24 installments alongside your plan. Here at NextPit, we take a look at the deal to tell you if it is actually worth it.


  • For a limited time, you can buy the Google Pixel 6 from T-Mobile for $99.
  • This is one-sixth of the original $599.99 price.
  • To benefit from the discount, you will need an unlimited plan.

The Google Pixel 6 brought plenty of innovation to the Android scene when it launched a few months ago. The device, which features the new, in-house developed Tensor chip, offers the latest achievements in AI photography, is unique in the smartphone world both in design and overall experience, since Google is almost rivaling Apple with several years of support for their devices.

Today, we are looking at a deal from T-Mobile that features the device for only one-sixth of the original $599.99 MSRP. But to get the device, you will have to pay for a contract too, so in this article, we will check if the deal is worth it, and help you pick the right package for your needs.

Is the Google Pixel 6 the right device for you?

NextPit Google Pixel 6 hands
Google did a great job at designing this phone! / © NextPit

The Pixel 6 by Google offers a decent screen size, with a 6.4-inch screen 90Hz AMOLED display, beautiful unique design, and a powerful new Tensor SoC. As we already stated, it features a plethora of AI computational capabilities that help you translate text on the fly as well as natural languages without connection to the internet!

  More information
Picture Google Pixel 6
  • Potentially iconic design
  • Well-calibrated 6.4-inch 90Hz AMOLED display
  • Powerful Tensor SoC does not overheat
  • Pixel-like photo rendering
  • Adequate battery life
  • 5 years of security updates
  • IP68 + wireless and reverse charging
  • Reasonable price
  • Camera module is not versatile enough without a telephoto lens
  • Fast charging is too slow and has no included charger
  • Night Sight mode is not natural for night shots
  • 128 GB storage without a microSD port
  • “Only” 3 major Android updates
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The battery life is also decent and we expect to see at least five years of security updates by Google. On the downside, the camera feels weak without a telephoto lens that we find on the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the fast charging could be better. If you want to find out more about the device, I recommend reading our dedicated Google Pixel 6 review! 

Everything you need to know for the Google Pixel 6 deal at T-Mobile

Well before we get into the raw numbers and their breakdown, let’s take a look at what T-Mobile offers in general. For this deal, T-Mobile has you selecting between all of their unlimited plans. Currently, there are three different Unlimited plans to choose from. First, there is the Essentials Unlimited Plan, the Magenta Unlimited Plan, and the Magenta Max.

All the plans offer unlimited data in the T-Mobile Network and unlimited texting. But if you go for the more expensive, Magenta and Magenta Max plans you also get a free Netflix subscription which is a nice plus.

Discounts are also available for service members and veterans, first responders, and the elderly. Further discounts are also available if you get more lines, and with two lines you get the third one for free. 

Prices & Perks Breakdown

Information Essentials Unlimited  Magenta Unlimited  MagentaMax Unlimited
Premium Data 50 GB 100 GB Unlimited
Unlimited Talk & Text Yes Yes Yes
Netflix No Netflix Basic with 2 or more lines Netflix Basic
Netflix Standard with 2 lines
Taxes and fees  Not included Yes Yes
Mobile Hotspot data Unlimited 3G 5GB high speed then 3G Unlimited 40GB high-speed then 3G Unlimited
Base Price $65 + Taxes $75 $90
Paperless billing discount -$5 per line -$5 per line -$5 per line
Google Pixel 6 deal Price $4.12 $4.12 $4.12
Google Pixel 6 original Price $25 $25 $25
Total per month without the deal $85 +Taxes $95 $110
Total per month with the deal $64.12 + Taxes $74.12 $89.12
Total price: 24 months without the deal $2,159 + Taxes $2,399 $2,639
 Total price: 24 months with the deal $1,538.99 + Taxes $1,778.88 $2,138.88

If you were planning to get a device anyway with or without a plan, then this deal may be the best for you, since you basically save ~$600 that you would also have to pay upfront and is now broken down into 24 installments. 

Which plan should I choose?

As it becomes obvious from the above table, the Magenta Unlimited offers the best balance between features and price, while if you get two lines, one for yourself and one for a family member, you will only have to pay $60 instead of $70 (with paperless billing calculated) for each line for a total of $120. 

With the Magenta Unlimited Plan, you will also pay a guaranteed flat rate, while with the lower Essentials, you will basically have to pay the extra taxes that are region dependent; thus we cannot recommend it.

The MagentaMax on the other hand, seems to be primarily focused on power users that need Unlimited Premium data and better Netflix and Hotspot benefits.

What do you think of this deal? Would you consider buying the Google Pixel 6 Pro if it had a similar discount? 


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