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Samsung has owned up to the Galaxy S22 Ultra display bug


Samsung has acknowledged that the Galaxy S22 Ultra phone has display issues while promising that a fix is on the way.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has been met with mostly positive feedback since reviews of the device starting appearing, although reports of bugs have started rolling in, with the most common complaint being aimed at the handset’s display.

Users have taken to Samsung forums as well as Reddit to complain about a display error that occurs when both the display refresh rate and the resolution are changed to the highest formats, with users mentioning that columns of pixels can appear in lines or blocks across the screen.

It’s also been mentioned that this is most likely to occur when using the fingerprint scanner or watching media, though it has happened separately to those activities as well.

It also seems that the Exynos 2200 chipset variations are more likely to have this bug, even though the US variation comes with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, meaning that European customers are more likely to encounter the glitch.

Looking to the forums again, many people recommended that users should lower the refresh rate and the resolution of the phone to help limit the number of glitches, even if it’s not a permanent solution.

A user on Reddit did come out with a screenshot from Samsung that claims that the company is currently creating a patch for the bug and that a software update should roll out soon that should fix the ongoing issue.

Galaxy S22 Ultra bug screenshot
Credit: Reddit

Looking at the screenshot above, you can also see that Samsung recommends setting the device resolution to WQHD and the screen mode to Natural, which suggests that generally users should try and limit the graphical strain on their handset to help avoid the glitch from arising.

It’s also unclear how widespread this issue actually is, seeing as the phone has not been on the market for that long and seemingly only users who ordered the phone early are seeing this issue.

If you’ve been struggling with your Galaxy S22 Ultra and having display issues, let us know on Twitter. We’ll also be sure to keep you in the loop when Samsung does release the update, so be sure to check back with Trusted Reviews soon.

Trusted Take – did we suffer from the issue?

I reviewed the S22 Ultra for Trusted Reviews and wasn’t affected at all by this bug during my 10 days with the phone. Of course, as mentioned above, it does seem like this isn’t something that can be replicated on all devices and it’s worth remembering the device isn’t even up for general sale in the UK yet. If the issue does arise on our review unit, then we’ll update the review and make a note of it.


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