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Samsung expands Expert RAW and One UI 4.1 to more phones


With major Galaxy launches, Samsung usually debuts a new revision of its One UI customization for Android. The Galaxy S22 line was no different, with new multimedia, photographic, and other features. The South Korean brand highlighted what’s new with One UI 4.1 and promised to extend apps like Expert RAW to more models in the Galaxy line.



  • Samsung announced One UI 4.1 for many Galaxy S, Z, A and even Note phones.
  • Expert RAW will be available for the S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, Z Fold 3 and Z Fold 2.

After rolling out its Android 12 update faster than previous years — apparently with more devices running Google’s latest OS than its competition — Samsung promised its latest customization, One UI 4.1, will reach all of its flagship phones running the operating system.

Extended photography features for 2-year old devices

The main surprise is probably the announcement of the Expert RAW app reaching older flagships later this year. Currently available for the S21 Ultra and S22 models, the app will arrive for the S20 Ultra, Note 20 Ultra, Z Fold 2, and Z Fold 3 throughout 2022.

In our photography expert’s words, the Expert RAW app “unlocks the full potential” of the Galaxy camera, allowing the user to change more parameters during shoots, and saving captures to a RAW (“digital negative”) file that can be tuned later during post-production.

It might not be revolutionary for casual photographers, but still a nice freebie for those faithful to their S20 Ultras two years after its release. And who knows, that might just be the excuse to dive deeper into advanced camera settings.

More new features

Samsung also announced other features that will be arriving at selected Galaxy models, like the Object Eraser. The image tool works similarly to the Pixel 6’s Magic Eraser, allowing the user to selectively remove unwanted objects, shadows, or even reflections from the image.

Smaller updates will be arriving also for the Quick Share feature, with the option to instantly send multiple files at one – including photos and videos -, Grammarly integration with the Samsung Keyboard to suggest not only corrections but also improvements to your typing, and new collaboration options for Google Duo.

One UI 4.1 availability

Differently from the Android 12 rollout, Samsung hasn’t committed to a One UI 4.1 deployment schedule, but announced the devices that will receive the update over the year:

It is worth noting that not all models will receive the same features, with the Object Eraser tool supported only on the S10 models and newer, for example.

Despite being a minor update, One UI 4.1 keeps bringing new features to compatible devices. What do you think about the update? I for one, am curious to see how Grammarly integrates with the keyboard app. Share your opinion in the comments below!


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