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Salute the 36 new emoji in iOS 15.4, they’re about to melt your face


Apple is rolling out a glut of new emoji alongside its latest software betas, which also promise to deliver a wealth of hotly anticipated new features.

Among the 36 new emoji coming in iOS 15.4 (as well as the Mac and iPad version) are a host of new smilies including melting face, salute, holding back tears, peeking through fingers, diagonal mouth, dotted line face and a new version of hand over mouth.

There’s also a host of new non-gender-specific emoji and multi-racial options to improve the diversity on offer. There’s pregnant man, pregnant person and person with crown (via Emojipedia).

Among the seven hand gesturers are rightwards, leftwards, palm down, palm up, hand with index finger and thumb crossed (i.e. the money gesture), index finger pointing at viewer and heart hands. There are 25 new versions of the handshake emoji too, to incorporate skin tone combinations.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a shed-load of various new emoji, including bitten lip, nest, empty nest, coral, a troll (could be handy for using on Twitter), disco ball, chest X-Ray, ID card, crutch, pouring liquid, floating bubbles, car wheel, a playground slide, a rubber ring, an equals sign, a low battery icon, and a hasma.

iOS 15.4 emoji
Image credit: Emojipedia

The integration features emoji released within the Unicode 14 release, which was announced last year, so it’s not really a surprise to see them. However, it’s always good to see Apple’s interpretation.

Those emoji are currently in testing in iOS 15.4 and should arrive alongside the consumer release of the operating system update within the next few weeks, or so. However, they’re going to be overshadowed by the Face ID with mask setting and, of course, the arrival of Universal Control for Mac and iPad users. After the damp squib that was iOS 15.3, we’re excited to get some new features to play with.


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