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Problems with the GPS of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? You are not alone

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra definitely stands out for its design that brings back some of the legacies of the now eclipsed Note Series. But as with every major release, there are problems. Several users have reported issues with the GPS functions of the new device.


  • The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is having issues with the GPS service.
  • The problem seems to be restricted to the Exynos models in Europe.
  • Samsung is reportedly working on a fix.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and planning to go on a road trip, be extra careful! As many users reported in the Samsung community forums, the GPS service is not working properly. And by properly, we mean at all. Thankfully there is a temporary fix to the solution but let’s see what happened first.

For about a month now, users have been reporting issues regarding the GPS functions of their new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. By reading the reports in the Samsung community forum we find that devices either lose the signal momentarily or altogether with no apparent explanation.

Apps like Google Maps are failing to connect, showing a prompt that they are searching for a GPS signal. As of now, the problem seems to be contained to the Exynos models and a moderator in the forum has confirmed that Samsung is working on a solution, but gave no timeline as to when the fix will be ready.

NextPit Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen Inside
Some users reported that turning the S Pen connection off solved their problem / © NextPit

Until then users will have to rely on a few tricks that temporarily fix the problem like restarting their devices or using an app called GPS Status & Toolbox to reset the GPS service.

Some users have also reported that turning the S Pen connection off through the Settings solves the problem but NextPit has been unable to verify any of the fixes. To turn the S Pen off search for “S Pen” in your settings, find “Keep S Pen Connected” option, and turn it off.

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra? Are you facing similar issues? Let us know in the comments! 

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