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Motorola joins the fast charging race with 125W adapter

After its own “TurboPower” phone charger got stuck for quite some years in 18 watts, Motorola is finally reacting to its rivals’ push in the fast charging department, with a teaser for a charger almost seven times more powerful.


  • Motorola just teased a fast charger with 125W.
  • A company executive shared a picture of the accessory and its weight.

A photo of the adapter was shared by Jin Chen, Lenovo China’s General Manager for Mobile Phones, in his personal Weibo account. Even though the picture doesn’t reveal much, it is possible to notice the big, fat, “125” marking.

The adapter size is also noticeable, with slimmer (two) dimensions when compared to the big brick delivered with the Xiaomi 11T Pro, for example, which has the size (and power, frankly) of a laptop charger.

Finally a charger worthy of the name “TurboPower” / ¬© Jin Chen/Weibo

The executive also revealed that the adapter weighs around 130 grams, which is less than my current multi-port 60W Anker GaN adapter, so it should be easily carried around.

What Chen didn’t reveal however was which phone will be compatible with the adapter. Sites like GSMArena are already speculating that the accessory could be launched with the rumored Frontier phone, which still doesn’t have an official announcement date, but is expected to come with a 200 megapixels camera.

It seems Lenovo is finally giving Motorola the attention it deserves, after some years of relying solely on the Moto G fame earned when the company was owned by Google.

Do you think this step will be enough to get market share back or Motorola’s lack of commitment in the updates department still hurts the brand’s image? Or do you believe it will attract customers not willing to buy phones from the other Chinese brands?

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