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MOON adds Tidal Connect to its streaming products

In the last couple of years, Moon (by Simaudio) updated its streaming products to add Spotify Connect and AirPlay 2 and it’s repeated the trick, this time by adding Tidal Connect to its range of products.

Tidal Connect works in a similar fashion to Spotify Connect, enabling users to connect to Tidal-enabled devices over the Wi-Fi connection through the tap of a button in the app. Where Tidal’s version differs from Spotify is that it can offer support for casting tunes in higher quality files, such as MQA and Dolby Atmos. There’s still no word on when Spotify’s lossless tier will arrive, which gives Tidal the opportunity to maximise its availability on high-end kit.

All new MOON products going forward will feature the Tidal Connect ability through their proprietary MiND2 module (MOON Intelligent Network Device). Existing users will be able to add the functionality to their players through the process of applying a firmware update, factoring into the MOON philosophy of ensuring “continuous evolution and upgrades of its existing units”, the company’s maxim being ‘Defy Obsolescence’.

We’ve not tested many MOON products here at Trusted Reviews, the last recent model being the 390 Network Player/Preamplifier. That model was highly regarded, making a strong case for its high-end hi-fi aspirations by “combining performance with convenience and versatility”. At £4750 it certainly was cheap but earned a full five-star rating from us.

The 390 network player is among the devices that will be in line to receive the Tidal Connect update, the others are listed below:

  • ACE – all-in-one music system
  • MiND 2 network player
  • 280D – streaming DAC
  • 390 – network player/preamplifier
  • 680D – streaming DAC
  • 780D v2 – streaming DAC

On the announcement, Etienne Gautier, MOON’s export sales manager, said: ‘Tidal Connect is what our customers have been asking us for. I am sure they will be pleased to now be able to instantly connect to the extensive Tidal music library and play their selected music in a high-quality format.’

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