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Lean sleeves: the best slim cases and covers for protecting your laptop


Like most of us, laptops don’t like to travel naked. Keen to conserve your notebook (and its modesty)? We’ve got you covered.

From slimline sleeves to padded pouches, the list below features our pick of the hottest laptop pockets you can buy right now – including several eco options for greener tech protection.

Whether you want a stylish skin to stave off scratches or a cushioned cover to keep things in one piece, you’ll find your ideal laptop case included in the list below. Just don’t forget your own clothes – or a damaged device will be the least of your worries.

Buying tips

Bulk up

Padding adds bulk but improves protection. Slimline is fine for shielding from scratches, while a thicker skin is better at fending off bumps and bashes.

Measure up

Some cases are made to measure for specific models, while others will fit lots of laptops. Check your device’s dimensions before trying squeeze it in.

Load up

Hauling more than a laptop? Minimalist sleeves usually harbour your laptop alone, but some cases also include handy pockets for small accessories or other devices.

Clean up

Man-made materials require minimal maintenance, while natural fibres have specific qualities and care needs. Leather shells will gain a unique patina as you use them.

Premium pouches

The second skin: Harber Slim Leather Sleeve

Buy the Harber Slim Leather Sleeve here

Fearful of scratching your laptop? You could treat it with kid gloves. Or you could get it a glove of its own: this protective fitted mitt is made to match the dimensions of your model to the millimetre. Crafted in Spain using luxurious full-grain leather, the low-profile pocket is also lined with natural wool felt to keep your computer cosy.

The hardcore housing: Mous MacBook Pro Sleeve

Buy the Mous MacBook Pro Sleeve Case here

Receiving a ‘one more thing’ email at 5pm on a Friday is enough to make any worker want to toss their typing tool across the room. Stash it in this Mous case before you do and your long-suffering laptop might just survive for another Monday. Don’t be deceived by the streamlined dimensions: beneath the robust exterior is a layer of AiroFoam, which cushions your MacBook Pro from bumps and drops. A stiffening plate keeps things rigid, while heat-sealed seams stop dust and droplets damaging your device – handy if you sling it at the water cooler.

The streamlined sleeve: Native Union Stow Slim

Buy the Native Union Stow Slim here

Still schlepping your employer’s standard-issue satchel? Increase your office cred with this understated sleeve. Pared-back but protective, the Stow’s shell is subtle enough to fly under the radar, yet characterful courtesy of the coated canvas panel. A neat magnetic closure completes the seamless look, while a document pocket is perfect for proudly toting your boss’ latest circular – which is bound to earn some brownie points.

Sustainable sleeves

The kicker cover: Decoded Re_Coded Frame Sleeve

Buy the Decoded Re_Coded Frame Sleeve here

Most laptops won’t fit in a shoe – and torn up trainers aren’t good for the sole. For an upcycled sleeve which doesn’t stink, try Decoded’s Re_Coded collection. At least 20% of each eco-conscious case is created using Nike Grind – a greener material made from leather manufacturing scraps, footwear waste and bits of unsold sneakers. Shipped in a trio of two-tone styles, it’s made to suit a 13in MacBook (or other similarly sized device).

The plastic pouch: Bellroy Laptop Sleeve

Buy the Bellroy Laptop Sleeve here from Amazon

Reusing supermarket sacks might be better for the planet, but only a risk-taking tree-hugger would cart their computer around in a carrier bag. Want better tech protection which still tackles plastic waste? The water-resistant shell of Bellroy’s slimline sleeve is made from 100% recycled PET bottles. With options to fit 13in and 15in models, the pouch also features a magnetic lip for secure, scratch-free storage.

The seafaring sheath: 727 Sailbags Laptop Case

Buy the 727 Sailbags MacBook Laptop Case here

Rig a sail on a yacht and it’ll fly with the wind. Wrap sailcloth around your laptop and, while its battery won’t be recharged by the breeze, it will be safely stowed. Made in Brittany, 727 Sailbags are fabricated from old sails. A certificate inside indicates where in the world yours was recovered from (and which bit of the boat it belonged to). This special edition uses sheets from boats which took part in the storied Solitaire Le Figaro race.

Cloth covers

The linen layer: Wrappers Peach Skin Linen

Buy the Wrappers MacBook Linen here

A linen suit is the definition of well-dressed. Think a two-piece is too formal for your co-working club? Let your laptop look the part with this fabric jacket. Tactile and attractive, the exterior of the stone-washed sleeve is woven with natural linen, while the microfibre lining hugs the figure of your flip-top friend. Tailored to fit four device sizes, it also ships in 13 shades to complement your sartorial style.

The woolly wrapper: Citysheep Carry More

Buy the Citysheep Carry More here

Skilled knitters will know how to crochet a case. For less gifted stitchers, this textured envelope needs no yarn. Topped with a leather lid, its main compartment wraps your laptop in Merino wool felt. Crease-free and naturally water-resistant, the fluffy stuff also grows back within a year – so you won’t leave a sheep freezing for the sake of your tech.

The bulletproof blanket: Horizn Koenji Laptop Case

Buy the Horizon Koenji Laptop Case here

M might not touch base through Zoom, but James Bond is still a remote worker. And double-0 digital nomads need a suitably rugged sleeve for their Q-approved computers. Horizn’s durable container is hewn from ballistic nylon – the same stuff found in bulletproof vests. It’s also equipped with two slots inside to hide a backup battery and covert communicator. Or smartphone, if you haven’t read the influencer’s guide to espionage lingo.


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