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iPhone 14: everything we want to see from Apple’s next flagship phone


Every year we’re excited to see what Apple has in store for us with the next iPhone, and this year is no different.

Hot on the heels of the incredibly powerful iPhone 13 lineup, this year’s iPhone, which we expect to be called the iPhone 14, promises to be an absolute doozy of a device.

The rumour mill has already begun to spin, even though we wouldn’t expect the new iPhone 14 until September. But these reports, along with our own wishes, have given us a list of what we want to see from the iPhone 14.

Without any further ado, here are six things we want from the new iPhone 14:

1. Kick the notch to the curb

Image by Ian Zelbo

You probably won’t be surprised by this addition to the list, but it’s time for the notch to go. The notch at the top of the iPhone display has been around since the iPhone X in 2017, and selfie cameras have evolved since then.

Numerous Android smartphones have switched to a hole punch style camera, which is just a cut-out for the camera–no extra borders. Some have even trialled an under-screen camera, though they’re a few years away from being Apple-standard.

Early reports have suggested that Apple is working on a hole punch style camera, but there’ll be two of them. One cut-out for the camera, another for the Face ID sensors. It’s a design choice that will take some getting used to (if we’re putting it nicely), but it’s still a step-up from the notch.

However, one point to consider that brings this dream crashing down is the notch on the 2021 MacBook Pro. The notch on the laptop seems to suggest Apple is adding more notches rather than taking them away, which doesn’t bode well for the iPhone’s notch.

2. The return of Touch ID

As people have been masked up over the past couple of years, Face ID has shown a glaring flaw… it needs to see your face. Apple has implemented some workarounds, such as using the Apple Watch to unlock your iPhone, or even ignoring the mask in the latest iOS 15.4 beta.

But, these solutions have been patchy, and not quite as elegant as we’d expect from Apple. Plus, Face ID being able to recognise you with a mask on does pose some security questions.

What better time to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone, either under display or in the power button, like the latest iPad mini. It’s faster, more reliable, and beloved by everyone. Plus, if Apple includes both Face ID and Touch ID on the iPhone 14, it’ll be the most secure smartphone available on the market.

3. 8K video recording

We’ve seen a few rumours that 8K video recording is coming to the iPhone 14, and it’s a massive “Yes please!” from us.

The iPhone is already the best smartphone for video recording, and 8K capabilities will just catapult the iPhone 14 to a whole new level. We’re beginning to see 8K displays become more commonplace, so it’s time you could record content to watch in all those crispy pixels.

4. Remove all the ports (yes, it’s time)

Image adapted from Omid Armin on Unsplash

Perhaps controversially, it’s time for Apple to remove the ports from the iPhone, starting with the iPhone 14.

The Lightning connector can no longer cut it, with USB-C taking the crown as the de-facto standard. It’s much faster, more efficient, and it’s making its way to some Apple devices. But we’ve expected Apple to remove the ports from the iPhone for a long time, so let’s skip USB-C and go straight there.

The Apple Watch Series 7 showcased a new file-transfer using the wireless connector for recovery. If you can charge, move files, and manually recover your iPhone all from MagSafe, why do we need the port? Granted, USB-C would be slightly faster, but this wireless connection is already better than Lightning, even before Apple has adapted it for the iPhone.

Couple this with almost everyone using wireless headphones, e-SIMs, and AirDrop, it’s time to get rid of all the ports from the iPhone, once and for all. Let’s see Jonny Ive’s design aspiration for the iPhone come true, it’s about time.

5. Periscope cameras

Periscope camera technology involves multiple camera lenses at an angle, to decrease a smartphone camera’s size, improve zoom, and increase the megapixel count. We’ve seen Samsung’s flagships introduce the camera, and now we want it to come to the iPhone.

Introducing a periscope camera on the iPhone 14 would allow Apple to finally remove the camera bump, match Samsung’s zoom capabilities, and improve picture quality. The iPhone already boasts some of the best camera technology available, so why not add the latest-and-greatest as well.

6. The return of 3D touch

Another potentially controversial feature we want to see return to the iPhone 14 is 3D Touch. The last iPhone range to include the feature was the iPhone XS in 2018, but it’s time for the feature to return.

3D touch included an extra screen layer on the iPhone that allows you to press a deeper level of the screen. For those that can’t remember, it’s like Haptic Touch… but better.

It’s unlikely that Apple will bring this feature back after killing it off, but we’d love to see it. It was a completely unique feature that had promise to bring an extra dimension to the iPhone. 3D Touch never got the love it deserved, and we’d love to see it back.

Is that all?

You’ll notice that we didn’t include anything about the iPhone’s design or chipset. The early leaks of the iPhone 14 design from Jon Prosser show the device returning to an iPhone 4-esque design. We absolutely love it, but Apple’s already working on it.

As for the chip, Apple blows us away with performance every year, so we didn’t want to waste one of our wishes on a more powerful chip.

Image by Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech


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