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iPhone 13 turns pink: Curious bug causes a stir in social media

The prize for one of the most curious smartphone bugs in January should definitely go to Apple this time. Users report a magenta-colored screen on their iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Max in the official forum. According to Apple, however, this is not a hardware bug.


  • iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Max displays turn magenta.
  • The smartphone can no longer be used and has to be reset.
  • Apple has already fixed the error, according to its own statement.

A curious bug of the current iPhone 13 has been circulating on Reddit for a few days now. The smartphone’s screen is said to turn magenta and is subsequently no longer usable. While the users on Reddit can access the smartphone again after a reboot, some in the official Apple forums have been complaining about the bug for quite some time.

That happened to me too so I took it to my local Apple store. They said it was because it didn’t download the latest update (even though it is set to automatic updates). I was sent home because the update takes 30 minutes. After about 5 minutes, the phone says it can’t update. Now it’s crashing and turning off. – Jphon, Apple forum

At that time, no reboot helped, and users had to go to the Apple Store. Apple published a statement on Weibo that this was only a software bug and not a hardware problem. The bug has allegedly already been fixed, but nothing about such a fix was found in the past patch notes.

Pretty bad for the eyes: The iPhone display turns a bright magenta / ©

What causes the bug?

The bug has been around since last year. However, it didn’t seem to occur that often anymore, so the issue hasn’t gone particularly viral so far. On Reddit, some users are now trying to find an explanation for the bug after it reappeared. Both software and hardware issues are possible causes.

When the display turns bright magenta, many assume that the green pixels are no longer working properly. The hardware problem would then mix blue and red pixels to magenta. Another possible cause would be that uninitialized memory in the GPU is responsible for the problem. However, Apple has not yet confirmed what exactly triggers the bug, so we can only speculate about the actual cause.

Have you ever experienced this error yourself? Did a reboot help, or did you have to switch to a replacement device? What do you think causes such a bug? Let us know in the comments!

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