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How to master the daily word game


If you’ve scrolled through social media at all recently, you’ve probably come across Wordle. Wordle is an easy game to get hooked on, but what if you want to be the best?  

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Wordle is an online word game created by developer Josh Wardle. The game has no app, no ads and can only be played once a day in your browser. 

The game follows a similar format to the ITV gameshow Lingo. You’re presented with five blank spaces and are given six chances to guess which five letter word the game is thinking of. 

If you guess a letter correctly and it’s in the right spot, it’ll show up green. If you guess a letter but it’s in the wrong place in the word, it’ll go yellow. If a letter has no place in the final word, the letter will turn grey. 

Wordle how to play

Wordle is an incredibly easy game to get the hang of, but a tricky one to master. Read on to find a handful of tips and tricks that might help you improve your skills in Wordle. 

Start with vowels 

Wordle only gives you 6 chances to get the word right, so unless you have a really good feeling about ‘zaxes’ or ‘zippy’ that day, there’s no point in throwing away guesses on niche consonants and repeat letters on the first guess.

Start with a vowel-heavy word as there’s a limited number of them and most words have at least one or two. This should give you a solid foundation to build your word around and, if you happen to get them in the right place from the first turn, you’re already off to a great start.

Use X as a placeholder 

If you’ve managed to identify a handful of green and yellow letters but are lost on what to do next, try laying out the letters with the letter ‘x’ as a placeholder where the unknown letters are. This might help you to better visualise potential words, as you can see the letters you do know laid out.

Luckily, Wordle won’t submit a word unless you hit ‘Enter’ so you can arrange and rearrange guesses to your heart’s desire without worrying about wasting a turn.

Ignore the hints 

Sometimes you can guess 3 or 4 letters and still be stuck on what to do next. If you’ve been staring at your keyboard for 20 minutes and still have no idea how to incorporate the hints you already have, try switching it up and entering something completely different to get an idea of which letters you might be missing.

Just make sure to use as many common letters as possible from those you haven’t ruled out yet to make the most of the guess, as you obviously won’t win with this turn.

It’s good to note that this method isn’t going to work if you’re playing on hard mode because hard mode won’t let you submit answers without including your previous correct hints. But then, if Wordle is already too easy for you, this guide probably isn’t fitting.

Watch out for US spelling 

One rule that caught out a lot of brits recently is spelling.

Despite being hosted on a UK website, Wordle follows the rules of US spelling. This means you should keep an eye out for ‘s’s replaced with ‘z’s and ‘o’s in place of ‘ou’s in words like ‘colour’ or ‘favour’.

Double up on letters

It can be easy to forget that you can use letters more than once.

While it isn’t the best idea to enter multiple of the same letter on your first guess when you’re in the process of eliminating letters, don’t forget that Wordle can – and often will – use a letter more than once in its final answer.

Don’t ruin the game

This is less of a hint and more of a tip on Wordle etiquette, but it’s still worth mentioning: don’t ruin the game for everyone else.

Wordle’s Share feature is made up of vague green and yellow emojis for a reason. Everyone gets the same daily word and, as tempting as it can be to tell everyone you got in one guess, you can do it without revealing the word. Save the bragging for the emojis.


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