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Google has cut off the Pixel 3, but is three years of support enough?


The Google Pixel 3, released in 2018 has become practically obsolete after just three years in existence, and the manufacturer is fine with that.

The Pixel 3 phone is no longer receiving operating system or security updates, something a VICE opinion piece takes umbrage with. Writer Aaron Gordon says ceasing the updates is forcing him to “dump a perfectly good phone” that fits his needs without splashing out on a Pixel 6.

In response, a Google spokesperson told him he was still getting a great experience by his phone being supported for three years.

The spokesperson writes: “We find that three years of security and OS updates still provides users with a great experience for their device.”

Those with Pixel 3 phones who care about receiving basic security updates for their smartphones will now need to upgrade to a newer model for the next three years.

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It’s one of the the problems that Android users perennially face. It’s starts with getting the latest Android updates in a timely fashion in the first place. It continues with the ending of support for devices after 3-5 years, depending on your phone and the manufacturer.

Apple is currently supporting the iPhone 6s with the 2021 iOS 15 update, and that phone came out more than six years ago. It’s not known yet whether the company will cut the iPhone 6s off with iOS 16 in 2022, but it’s certainly possible.

Trusted Take

This is an issue Google needs to get a grip on before people start seeing a switch to iOS as the lesser of the two evils. Android devotees buy Pixel phones because of rapid software updates and the guarantee of security updates sniping emerging vulnerabilities. But phones are so good now that three years of updates just isn’t enough and there’s no reason why, technically, Google can’t go longer. As Aaron Gordon points out, his phone perfectly serves his needs. Google’s software boosts for the cameras keeps them feeling fresh and if the processors, RAM and battery are holding up then there’s no need to pay up to a thousand pounds to update the phone.

Chris Smith


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