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Free instead of $4.99: Unlock your phone’s camera full potential


Camera apps are always very popular among the NextPit community, and it’s not for no reason at all as the native camera app doesn’t always offer fine-tuning controls that you are able to take advantage of. That’s why our tip today is Manual Camera: DSLR, an app that unlocks a series of manual controls for your next photoshoot.


  • Manual Camera: DSLR is free temporarily until Friday (January 28th).
  • App has a 4.3-star rating with over 17,000 reviews.
  • App takes advantage of smartphone features to offer more control when snapping photos.

Better yet, Manual Camera not only play a role in photo-taking, but also for videos which can be recorded in 4K resolution, depending on the specifications of your smartphone and its respective camera sensor. The app normally costs $4.99 a pop, but it can be downloaded for free until Friday (28/jan) rolls around.

Why Manual Camera: DSLR is worth downloading

We’ve already highlighted apps like ProShot, ProCam X, and if there’s one thing we’ve learned over time, it’s that the original smartphone app doesn’t normally take full advantage of the potential of the camera hardware in your smartphone. Whether it is a matter of simplifying the user experience or perhaps the amount of effort required to adjust the app, entry-level devices tend to offer the bare minimum options when taking photos.

Manual Camera
This app takes full advantage of the potential of the smartphone’s camera, even when taking photos in the wrong orientation ūüėČ / ¬© NextPit

The Manual Camera: DSLR app offers (based on the device hardware) options such as white balance, different focus options- automatic, manual, continuous, infinity, exposure time, ISO, HDR, scene modes, timer, continuous mode, time-lapse, and more. All this in a reasonably simple interface, accompanied by large icons and well-organized menus.

And of course, Manual Camera: DSLR is also compatible with multiple cameras, be they rear or front, though it identifies them simply as “CAM 1/2/3”, flash control, and RAW mode recording.

For video recording purposes, you can select the bitrate and framerate, capture slow or fast-motion footage, and even use the image stabilization system available on the handset itself.

Does Manual Camera: DSLR respect your privacy?

In their privacy policy, the developers explained that they use telemetry services and third-party ads, which may collect information about app usage. It is noteworthy that the Pro version in the promotion does not include advertisements and I also did not run into any in-app purchases.

According to the Exodus privacy platform, Manual Camera: DSLR includes two trackers, where both of them are from Google. One for ads and the other for analytics. Already, the permissions requested are within the expectations for a camera app, with request for camera, microphone, geolocation (for metadata, optional), and external storage access.

Did you like our app suggestion? Are you looking for other types of apps? Feel free to give us your opinion on Manual Camera: DSLR or suggest different app options in the comments.


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