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First Android 13 screenshots spotted: It’s so colorful!


The extremely flexible customizable design of the interface is a big topic in Android 12, and judging by the initial screenshots and reports, Google will explore the idea even further in Android 13. See and judge for yourself!


  • Android 13 is supposed to offer more dynamic background design options.
  • The color palette can be even more colorful or more subtle as desired, with new colors being added.
  • Basically, the entire Android 13 UI can also look more plain or more peppy.

The dynamic theme is one of the highlights of Android 12. The operating system compiles a color palette that matches your selected background image and uses it for menu elements, windows, and buttons throughout the operating system. Thus, the design will always look unified regardless of which app is running at that point in time. 

Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Pixel smartphones until now. However, various manufacturers have already developed their own versions of dynamic themes, for instance, Samsung with their One UI 4.0 or Oppo with their Color OS 12. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether this will change with Android 13. However, it looks like Google will make further improvements and upgrades to this feature.

AndroidPolice reported that Android 13 will offer different options for how the operating system composes the color palette from background pictures. For example, focusing on bright colors or more subtle ones. There will probably be four options in total:

  • TONAL_SPOT: Automatically calculated palette similar to Android 12.
  • VIBRANT: Similar to TONAL_SPOT, but with additional color accents.
  • EXPRESSIVE: Android 13 adds suitable color tones to the color palette, which are not included in the background image.
  • SPRITZ: Very restrained color selection, almost monochrome in nature.

In the following picture gallery, you can see how the color palette is composed with the four different options, using a wallpaper as an example. Click on the images to see them in full size.

What do you think about the design options? Do you wish you had more freedom to customize the design on your smartphone?


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