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Finisterre’s Biosmock is an eco jacket that breaks down when you’re done with it


Wear your favourite coat for decades and it’s bound to degrade. From thumb holes to torn collars, deterioration is in every jacket’s destiny.

But even the tattiest anorak will still stick around for years if you send it to the tip. Want a cagoule that won’t clog up the earth? Try Finisterre’s Biosmock on for size: biodegradable by design, it’ll break down at the end of its useful life. Just like its wearer.

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Sustainability doesn’t mean you need to shiver: as endorsed by herds the world over, wool is excellent at harbouring heat. And Finisterre’s eco jacket comes stuffed with lots of the sheepy stuff. Sourced from farmers in the southwest of Enlgand, the insulating layer is breathable, renewable and traceable. Plus HD Wool supports processes which help to restore soil health.

As for the compostable shell, its fabric is embedded with PrimaLoft’s Bio yarn. Made using recycled and recyclable fibres, it’s optimised to biodegrade only in specific microbe-rich environments. So unless you like to camp in landfill sites or undersea caves, your smock shouldn’t disintegrate until you’re done with it.

Intended to last a lifetime (but no longer than it needs to), the overcoat also features recycled plastic poppers and organic cotton stitching. And despite the green construction, it’ll still protect you from Mother Nature: the Biosmock is water-repellent and wind-proof, so you can wear it as a standalone outer layer or double-up when conditions demand. Although with the toasty glow of a guilt-free purchase, you might not need to.

Available now, you can wrap up in Finisterre’s Biosmock for £250. Which is a lot for a future pile of soil, but a good deal for a clean conscience.

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