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Best AirPods case 2021: the 15 top covers for your Apple earphones


Apple’s charging case might take care of your AirPods, but what’s there to shield the shell itself?

Don’t leave the little white puck exposed to scratches and scuffs: from silicone skins to leather wraps, the best AirPods covers provide extra protection while improving the look of Apple’s plastic packaging.

Keen to upgrade your container? We’ve picked out a handful of our favourite earphone homes below, with options to fit every generation of Apple’s true wireless in-ears – including the 3rd gen.

Nomad Modern Leather Case

Looking for premium AirPods protection? This superior shell comes wrapped in hardy Horween leather. Lined with protective microfibre and reinforced by rugged polycarbonate, the vegetable-tanned wrap will take on a unique patina as you use it. Plus there’s a tiny light pipe, so you can still see the LED indicator.

Lifeproof Eco-Friendly Case

This sea-themed cover won’t protect your Apple earphones from saltwater, but it will help to clean up the world’s waves: 75% of its shell is crafted from recycled ocean plastic. An edge-to-edge design promises total ‘Pod protection, while an integrated carabiner means it’s easy to clip to your beach bag.

OtterBox Ispra

OtterBox built its rep on rugged shells. While this Ispra case offers less reinforcement than some of its other device jackets, the polycarbonate construction still promises total protection from drops and scratches. Shipped in four colours, the cover is compatible with wireless chargers and comes with a bundled carabiner clip.

Elago AW3

Nothing marks out an Apple fanatic quite like an AirPods case disguised as a mini Macintosh. Like Apple’s retro computer, it features right-angles in all the right places. Unlike Apple’s retro computer, the silicone shell supports wireless charging. It also offers drop-protection and ships with a free dose of nostalgia.

Nudient Thin AirPods Case

No, it hasn’t ditched those dangly AirPods stems just yet, but Apple is still big on minimalist design. Want an AirPods case that’s suitably streamlined? Bash-proof and bulk-free, this barely-there shell wraps your charging case in a 2mm thin layer of hard polycarbonate. And it fits like a tailored jacket.

Spigen Tough Armor

A carabiner clip is the universal symbol of toughness, so it’s no surprise that this rugged shell from Spigen ships with one. Clad your AirPods charging case in the chunky rubberised cover, clip it to your backpack or belt loop, and it should be safe from bashes, bumps and scratches.

Incase Woolenex Case

You could knit yourself an AirPods Pro sleeve. Or for protection that uses less of your precious yarn, stash your charging case in this slimline Woolenex number. Lightweight and form-fitting, the fabric outer layer is weather-resistant and shields against scuffs. Plus it keeps your earphones warm in the winter. Maybe.

Mous Aramid Fibre AirPods Case

Seen those internet videos where Mous lobs valuable gadgets from high places to prove the protective power of its cases? This shock-absorbing shell gives your AirPods the same level of shielding. Thanks to impact-proof AirShock tech, your charging case should survive if you happen to drop it from a ladder/crane/helicopter.

Native Union AirPods Beanie

Protect your ‘Pods like it’s 2004 with these throwback beanies. Inspired by the socks which once wrapped every iPod, Native Union’s knitted sleeves are designed to keep your Charging Case cosy and safe. Made using recycled materials, they come in four pastel shades and work with every generation – especially Millennials.

Catalyst Waterproof AirPods Case

AirPods don’t do too well in the drink. This soft-touch silicone shell won’t waterproof your Apple earbuds, but it will keep your charging case safe and dry in up to a metre of water. Snap the elastic seal in place and it’ll also keep dust, snow and debris at bay.

Lucrin AirPods Case Cover

It’s hard to stand out when everyone’s wearing the same white earphones. For a luxe look that sets your ‘Pods apart, dress your charging case in Lucrin’s classy wrap. Available in a range of shades and finishes, the lined leather shell can also be monogrammed for a truly personal touch.

UAG AirPods Case

Military personnel like a playlist as much as the rest of us, but AirPods aren’t standard-issue kit. Need a case that’s fit for active duty? UAG’s rubberised wrap surpasses military drop and shock endurance tests. It adds a degree of water and dust resistance too. And it also comes in khaki.

RhinoShield AirPods Case

Like a colour combo? Rhinoshield lets you mix and match. Pick a standard shell set, then add an extra cap for contrast. With 10 shades on offer, there should be one to suit your style. And for complete personalisation, you can also choose to emblazon the base with your initials.

TwelveSouth AirSnap AirPods Case

Want an AirPods pouch with a touch of craftsmanship? TwelveSouth’s pop-shut pocket is hewn from top-grain leather and features neatly sewn seams all around its outer edge. A removable S-Clip lets you attach it to your keyfob or satchel, while three colour finishes mean it’s easy to match it too.

Caseology Vault

You don’t need to crack a combination to open Caseology’s Vault, but it will keep your AirPods as safe as any stash beneath a bank. Adhesive tape inside keeps it heist-proof, while the tough, textured finish should stop it slipping through your fingers. Plus a rugged bumper delivers additional durability.


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