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Audio-Technica’s new gaming headphones pump high-fidelity sound into your ears


Audio-Technica has launched two new gaming headsets which promise to deliver high-fidelity audio to players looking to improve their in-game experience.

Kicking things off is the more expensive ATH-GDL3, a 220g open-back set of cans with large 45mm drivers to provide a spacious and immersive soundscape.

Their open-back nature should provide better audio positioning, potentially offering an advantage in competitive FPS environments — the more accurately you can track enemy footsteps, the less likely they are to get the drop on you and send your K/D ratio plummeting. Though they still won’t help your aim.

Its slightly heavier 230g ATH-GL3 brother is a closed-back affair, better suited to gamers who’d rather not have sounds of aliens screaming leaking out into the room via their headset (or vice versa). Despite their closed-back nature, their 45mm drivers still promise high-resolution audio for picking up subtle details in gaming, music and films.

Both pairs of headphones share a similarly smart all-black design with blue accents, along with a detachable directional boom mic for clear voice audio, and built-in mute and volume controls. Also included in the box are cables for use with PCs and consoles, including the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The earpads and headpad detach easily too, for convenient replacement once they’ve seen better days.

The ATH-GDL3 and ATH-GL3 hit shelves on 28 February for £119.99 and £99.99 respectively.


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