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Audio Pro’s A15 takes your multi-room sound to the garden


The sun is appeared from its winter slumber and with its latest speaker, Audio Pro has decided it wants to get out of the house and have some fun in the garden.

The A15 is the latest speaker from the Scandinavian audio brand, a portable and rain-resistant speaker that also supports multi-room connectivity.

The A15 launches this month (March) and is outfitted with the same fabric-covered front seen on the A10, G10 (one of our favourite speakers of 2021), A26 and A36, the aim is that the new speaker complements the latest range from Audio Pro rather than distracts from it. That cohesion from a design standpoint gives an array of options, as you can pick and mix different speakers at different sizes that suit the character of a room while maintaining a consistent vibe throughout the home.

Audio Pro A15 two colours

There’s the aforementioned support for multi-room, so as long as your Wi-Fi can stretch into your garden, you can daisy-chain Audio Pro speakers together (or others from another brand) to take your music and podcasts into the garden. The A15 can work in an AirPlay 2, Google Cast or Audio Pro’s own multi-room system, offering choice to those with existing speaker set-ups to slot the A15 in.

Battery life is 11 hours at 50% volume, and if you want to turn the speaker up to full volume, that figure drops to around 8 hours, which is less than the Sonos Move can achieve. With an IPX2 rating, the A15 is protected against spraying water, or more likely with British weather, rain. Portability is offered with a handle that also acts as the speaker’s rear port. Playback controls can be found on top of the unit, while on its rear is a scattering of physical connections including what look to be a sub out and 3.5mm jack.

Available in white and grey finishes, the Audio Pro A15 has a suggested retail price of €400 / $400 / £350.


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