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Apple’s Universal Control feature finally arrives in iPadOS and macOS betas


When Apple announced the Universal Control feature at WWDC 2021, it emerged as one of the most exciting new software features the company was planning for 2021. Except it didn’t arrive in 2021.

The feature, which is designed to enable iPad and Mac owners to control both devices with a single keyboard and mouse/trackpad, sounded perfect for using multiple screens as a productivity aid.

However, for unspecified reasons Apple delayed to 2022 and it was nowhere to be seen within the first important releases of the year (iPadOS 15.3 and macOS 12.2) earlier this week.

Thankfully, Apple is finally ready to unleash Universal Control on its loyal army and of beta testers, and the feature is present within the first betas for iOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3. Early adopters of the update, which launched in the last few hours, say the feature is up and running and available to use.

It can be enabled via Displays > Advanced within the System Preferences interface on the Mac, while iPad users can turn on Universal Control via the new Cursor and Keyboard section within AirPlay & Handoff settings (via Mac Rumors).

Once enabled, the cursor and keyboard can move between any nearby iPad or Mac signed into the same iCloud account, and the cursor can push through the edge of the display to connect with the second device.

We can expect the beta period to last a few weeks and encapsulate multiple versions before it is rolled out within the consumer versions of iPadOS 15.4 and macOS Monterrey 12.3.

Elsewhere in the new betas, Face ID with a mask is coming to iOS 15.4, while there are 37 new emoji and 75 skin tone additions. Among the highlights are heart hands, peering-through-fingers face, saluting face, melting face, biting lip, bubbles and a new low battery icon.


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