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3 must-try strategies to promote your YouTube cooking channel (Promoted)


YouTube has always been an incredible platform for chefs, artists, and creators to showcase their different talents and build an impressive following. As someone who runs a cooking channel, there is so much you can do to promote it and grow as a chef and as a YouTuber.

Just because your primary audience is on YouTube, that doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage other online platforms to bring people to your channel. Whether you’re collaborating, talking to your audience, selling merch, or just posting about your content, you can make use of all the online tools available to you to promote your channel.

In this blog post, we’ve made things easier for you by listing down the different ways in which you can effectively promote your YouTube cooking channel. These tips are creative, inexpensive, and best of all, they require very little effort so that you can focus all your time and energy on cooking up fresh new recipes. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Make a good first impression on your channel

Your channel homepage is, in most cases, going to be your first introduction to a potential audience. And since first impressions matter, you have to make sure to stand out. Because if you don’t, people will just log off or watch someone else’s content. After all, there’s no shortage of YouTube chefs out there. 

The first thing you will have to do to make a good first impression is to put up a striking YouTube banner and profile picture. For both these elements, it’s important to stay on brand. For instance, if your channel is all about cooking desserts, add some colorful cake and sprinkles graphics that give people a hint of what you’re about before they dive in further. 

While cooking is your expertise, creating a fun yet professional-looking YouTube banner might not be your cup of tea. Luckily, there are plenty of online tools that can help you out. For instance, PosterMyWall has tons of YouTube banner templates that you can customize in minutes. Simply add some photographs of your creations, maybe a border or two, and viola! You have a great banner for your channel. 

Lastly, remember that YouTube lets you add one video as a pinned video on your channel. This video will start playing as soon as someone visits your channel and will likely be their first intro to your content. So choose a video that you’re proud of or that got a ton of traction. You can even film a special introductory video in which you tell people who you are and what your channel is about. 

2. Post regularly on social media

Use social media platforms as marketing tools that will bring more traffic to your channel. To make yourself as easily accessible as possible, try to have a good presence on all the major platforms. These include but may not be limited to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. 

You can use social media in a lot of creative ways to get people to check out your channel. Here are a few things you can try:

  • Post colorful graphics as posts and stories that advertise your channel and your latest video 
  • Take pretty pictures of the dishes you cook and let people know they can see the process and replicate it by going to your YouTube channel
  • Do occasional giveaways and contests – challenge people to try one of your recipes and add their own spin to them, then share their content on your own page
  • Do live Q&A sessions in which you connect with your audience and answer questions related to cooking and baking

We understand that too much social media can get overwhelming. So be smart about how often you post. A good way to go about it is to have a set content schedule. When you plan out your videos for the week or month, plan the associated social media tasks accordingly. 

3. Collab with other big YouTubers

A great way to capture the audience of other YouTubers is to do collaborations. Popular YouTubers have been using this strategy for years and it’s worked brilliantly for them. You don’t necessarily need to find other cooking-related YouTube channels. You can invite any big YouTuber to cook a meal with you, or you can create the kind of content they make. As long as you get the exposure, the content will not really matter. 

Reach out to YouTubers via social media and try to work with lots of different creators so that you can gain exposure with all of their audiences. 

Final thoughts

Running a cooking channel can be incredibly fulfilling, especially when people share the stuff they made with you and cite you as the inspiration. With these strategies, you’ll be able to experience more of that and gain popularity and reach as a chef online. 

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be considered an editorial endorsement

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


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